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Tired of working the nine-to-five job? Tired of your boss? Tired of working to make someone else rich? Want to work at home so you can be with your family more? Do you like the Internet? Some of those questions are the titles to spam emails you get. They offer get rich schemes, just fill out surveys and get paid, get paid just to surf the web, get paid to shop, etc. etc.

Are You Ready?

But what is the real scoop about starting my own Internet Business from home? In this article we will help you learn some of the facts about owning your own home business based on the web.

We will tell you how to avoid the hype and tell you the straight facts about how to start and maintain your own Internet Business. You have all probably read many stories about how people with nothing have become millionaires on the web.

You have no doubt received tons of spam email promising you that the same thing can happen to you, all you have to do is buy this eBook, this software, sign up as a member, etc. etc.

All you need is a laptop

Multi Level Marketing:

Multi-Level-Marketing or MLM programs were around before the Internet was in every ones home, but since then they have boomed.

There are many programs that offer to get you in on the ground floor. All you have to do is sign up and those who sign up after you will make you rich.

Most of these are actually pyramid schemes. If the primary goal is to recruit new members and not to sell products, then it is likely a scam, so beware of those.

It Is Hard Work:

The first thing you should know about starting any business is that it is hard work. You think your boss was bad? Wait until you are your boss.

For some reason many people think that while starting an offline business is hard work, starting one on the web is easy.

I really don’t understand that philosophy, except for the fact we get so many emails promising to make you rich with little or no work at all.


Doesn’t Matter What Business It Is:

Let me tell you this. When you start any business, whether it’s a store, a gas station, or whatever, you know you will have to go in everyday, put in long hours and be smart if you are going to become successful.

It is no different when starting an online or home business.

If you are not prepared to put in the hours and the work, you will not be anymore successful online than you would be offline.

No Shortcuts:

There are no shortcuts, no magic pills, no marketing plans that can make you rich online without hard work.

If you are not prepared to put in the time and the work necessary to any successful business, dont quit your day job and just continue to be a consumer surfing the web instead of trying to find a way to get rich without work.

That may sound harsh to you, but the web is full of people trying to get something for nothing and we don’t need anymore of those.

However, if you are a person who is willing to put in the time and effort, the web can be a great place to make your living.

What Are Your Interests:

How do you get started? Well, first of all, what are your interests? If you choose a business you don’t have a lot of interest in, you will find it very difficult to stay motivated. Look at things that interest you when deciding what type of online business you want to have.

Not all online businesses require having a website, but most do, so we are going to start there. Let’s say you have chosen what you are going to sell, whether it is products, services, or promoting affiliate programs.

Start With A Domain Name:

You will need a domain name. The first thing people think is that they should have a catchy name that equals the name of their business and that it should be their domain name.

Not true. Generic domain names that contain keywords that describe your products or services are best. Your company name will be on the front page of your website, but the domain name is what people will remember and what will help people find you through the search engines.

Don’t Skimp On The Domain:

Where do I register my domain name? There are many cheap registrars out there for registering domain names, but don’t go with the cheap ones. You get what you pay for. Go with the ones that provide you the most service.

Do you really think saving $20 per YEAR on your domain name is going to make or break your business? If so, stop now, do not pass go, go back to your day jobs. Now you have a domain name, now what? You will need hosting for the new website you are going to build or have built.

Again, look for the hosting that provides you the most service. You want 24-hour tech support. You want a lot of space, but most of all you want a lot of bandwidth. You want easy access to your files and a control panel, not just ftp access.

Get A Good Host:

You also want a host who provides a lot of extras like instant install of gallery managers, content managers, calendar programs, and other scripts for forums, blogs, and more.

The more they offer, the better, because you dont know where your business might lead you. A cheap host is just that, a cheap host. Now you will need a website to put up on the host.

You can buy a website on EBay or from others that are already built and ready to go or you can have one built to your specifications.

You can also learn to build your own website and save money, but make sure you research how to do this very well before you choose that option.

Laptop is all you need

Build A Website:

Building a website that is not optimized for the search engines or one that does not function or navigate easily will hurt your business.

If you are not ready to build one you are sure will work, have the work done or buy one.

Also, people have the perception that their website must be beautiful in order to be successful. They think they must have flashy introductions, databases, dynamic content, great graphics, etc. etc.

None of those things I just mentioned will help you become successful on the web. They are great to have, but do not put undue importance on the dressing.

Promoting your website will be the key to its success along with the content that is in your website. Those are the things you will focus on if you wish to have a successful online business.

Keywords Are More Important:

On building your website or buying one, make sure that it has a lot of text content rich with keywords that apply to the products or services you will be selling.

You want it to have a professional look and feel, but you don’t need it to be too flashy. There are a lot of freelance websites out there where you can post the job you want done and people will bid on doing the job for you.

That is a good way to find a web designer that wants to do a good job for a competitive price.

Now you have your domain name, you’re hosting, and your new website. What now? Well, it’s not like in the movie Field of Dreams, where If you build it, they will come. That doesn’t apply to websites unfortunately.

Laptop Lifestyle

Promote Your Website:

You will need to promote your website. This is where the work starts. This is what will demand the most of your time, because if you do not promote your website, the customers will never come buy anything.

They won’t be able to find you out of the millions of websites that are out there. You have to be better than the next guy.

You have to be willing to promote your website for more hours than the next guy. You have to beat the next guy to the latest and greatest methods of website promotion.

Content Is King:

There are several things you will be doing with your new website.

First and foremost, you will be writing articles like this one about the products and services you sell and topics related to them.

You will also spend time submitting these articles to websites that offer free content to webmasters. A lot of website owners are hungry for good original content.

They go to these content providers and pull articles related to their products and services and put those articles into their websites.

Since your article, like the one I am writing here, has an author bio section at the bottom with links to your website.

Every website owner that inserts your article into their website is now another website that links to you.

Search Engines:

That increases your link popularity, which in turn helps you get better listings in search engine results for your keywords. Writing at least one article every day will move you up in the search engine rankings before you know it.

You can also post a lot on blogs and forums that are related to your products or services. In the signature line you put a link to your website.

In this subtle way you not only create another website that has a link to your website, but by participating in the forum or blog you may just have users there want to see your website and might want to buy your product or services.

Start writing your blog

In Closing:

You also want to put your link in your email, on your business cards, on your letterhead, and anywhere else you can.

Having your own business, whether online or offline is a way of life, not a nine to five jobs. So be sure you are ready to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Because if you are not ready to work harder than you ever have before, having your own business is not for you.

Now if you want to make all this a little bit easier.

Please click on the link of the marketing platform i use to make all this come together. A free program with no credit card required to get started. I challenge you to find a better way to get started with affiliate marketing.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any affiliate marketing questions or comments.

I’mhappy to help any way that I can.copywright

Kind Regards Shane.

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  1. Starting an online business can be very troubling sometimes because it gets so stressful without the necessary and appropriate kinds of training and information, that’s why I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate University for newbies willing to learn about it. About MLM, I’ll never recommend any business of this kind of model because it’s always hard to make money from it. There are many online businesses that pays better, all is needed to be successful in doing these is consistency coupled with dedication and a lot of positive influence in terms of information. Thank you for sharing such an educative article.

    • Hello Drea,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

      You are right in recommeding Wealthy Affiliate to a newbie. 

      It will take some effort to be successful. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  2. “You think your boss was bad? Wait until you are your boss.” I loved how you incorporated that. We’re often so hard on ourselves when it comes to an online business. We want the easiest way to success, but we’re missing a critical element, that is how to actually get there and be successful. Just making your own website and earning more knowledge can be the start of success just for those simple things. You should be proud if you’re riding along this road. 

    • Hello Stephanie, 

      Appreciate your feedback. 

      Understand what you mean about being a boss. 

      Will try to be the best boss i can. 

      It is a long road to success but worth it. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  3. It’s really true that starting an online business is really hard to work as there are always challenges around, it require a lot of patience and dedication, putting in valuable number of hours will give you high chance of success. One important thing I discovered is that many people don’t take time to do researches and findings about the various business they are going into, this leave you at the edge of risk as it may result to be a scam or an offer with nothing to offer. A little reminder, the fact that you read of a business being legit does not mean it can be of use to you. This article will give newbies the real insight of what starting an online business entails, thanks.

    • Hello and Thank You. 

      Appreciate you taking the time to read my article. 

      It is hard work, though the rewards in the end are worth it. 

      Glad to hear you were able to get some good information out of it. 

      Kind Regards Shane.


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