Writing For The Internet Reader

What’s the first step to becoming a writer?

You’d think it would be “write”, but it’s not.

Expecting your reader to read the words on your blog is no easy feat.

Be thoughtful about what content the reader wants.

Writing for the Internet has its own idiosyncrasy in comparison with common publications.

A large portion of Internet readers just skim over the web pages, but rarely read them.

It suggests that we should take pains to make their reading useful for them.

The site should make a lasting first impression.

They have opened the page to find useful information.

Millions of Websites:

The end users don’t know if the information on your site is better than that of the other millions of websites.

If they come across the advertising banners at the very start they will just switch to another site.

It might be the first and the last thing the user reads on your site.

Forget about the adverts and stick with useful information.

In newspapers and magazines our attention is captured by pictures, photos and illustrations.

It is different on the Internet.

Amplify your wriing tutorial

Make It a Headline Worth Remembering:

Research has shown the end user’s pay’s attention to the headlines.

They skim the whole page to find the captivating headlines.

A single phrase that says it all.

Gives interest to the reader.

Tells them this is what they are looking for.

This is the main function of titles and subtitles headings.

This will reveal to the reader the content of the whole page so that he won’t have to delve into the details.

The headlines attract the user’s attention.

The first subtitle is to define the user’s problem

(e.g. seeking a freelance writing job?)

Second one is to shout out.

Here is the solution!

The end users gets the general idea of the site and if he has genuine interest, he is likely to return and read the whole page.

If your site welcomes the visitors in this way, you are at an advantage over other sites.

Remember, that the end user came to your site to get information on their needs.

So, find out what their wants are.

Describe the benefits, they will have.

Appeal to emotions

Appeal To Their Emotions:

The end users must be sure that you are a trustworthy person and they have made a good choice.

Gain their favor.

Persuade them with the specific text highlighting the main benefits and advantages.

Here everything is simple.

The end users write keywords in search engines and phrases (e.g. freelance writing jobs).

The search engines present a list of the sites relevant to the inquiry.

The end users are inclined to choose the first websites of the page.

The websites with the relevant keywords are placed at the top of the search engines list.

So, you should define the keywords of your potential clients and use them in your articles.

Dont clutter up the page with a great number of useless options or heavy graphics, downloading will take to long.

You Will Lose The Reader:

The end user will go elsewhere.

Use the empty space to lead the reader through the whole text from the first to the last word.

Remember that the computer screen tires the eyes.

The computer screen reading is slower than common reading.

This is why you should not strain your users eyes.

Divide the information into small portions, use short sentences.

(e.g. Freelance writing jobs available)

You Are a Writer

A paragraph should contain only one major idea.

I’ve come to realize that the biggest obstacle for new writers is that they don’t think of themselves as writers.

They have trouble developing the belief that they are writers and yet it’s something you have to do.

When you haven’t developed that belief, that conviction, it becomes a source of angst.

You don’t value your work enough to give it the time and the space it needs.

How do you come to think of yourself as a writer, especially when you’re not earning any money as a writer?

Here are a few tips:

The reader

What Happens When You Write?

If you want to be a writer, I’m assuming you feel you have something to say and a strong desire to say it.

You may not know how you’re going to say it or in what form (poetry, novel, essay, etc.) but you know something is their.

Okay, you pick up your pencil or pen or you sit down to your computer.

Write something.

Whatever you write, just make sure your heart is in it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be neat.

It does have to be expressive.

As painful as it may be, you have to show this writing to someone.

It can be a friend, it can be a family member.

Then, pay attention to what happens.

Did the person reading your work cry, laugh or get angry?

If so, you did that!

It means you can have an effect on people with your writing.

  • It’s worth something.
  • You have to keep going!
  • That kind of feedback is hard to ignore.
  • It’s powerful motivation to keep you going.

Cultivate Silence:

If you’re having trouble thinking about what it is you have to say.

It may help you to spend some time each day in silence.

Do some meditation this can help in many ways.

I say this as one of my websites is yoga based and much of the content is in regards to meditation.

The idea is to get used to clearing your brain space and tuning in to your inner voice.

You’ll also be more aware of those little scraps of possibility floating around in your head that can later grow into big ideas.

What are you writing

What Do You Want to Write?


It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to write about.

It may take a some time for you to see what works for you.

It may take more time to find the style that suits you best.

I suggest you experiment until you find what really suits you and your readers best.

Continually Remind Yourself You Are a Writer:

As you develop your belief that you’re a writer, it’s helpful to set up reminders that will jog you back to that brain space that you need to be in to write.

When you sit down to write it’s easy to get distracted and starting thinking about doing laundry or what’s for dinner.

You’ll want to have something either on your desk or on the wall in front of you that reminds you to get back to work and that you are a writer.

It may be your list of values that remind you that writing is a part of who you are.

But you can make a lot of lists, as you never know which one magically turns a reader into a buyer.

Your text will face serious trials.

The end users will not read it until they want it.

Your task is to attract them with something new and interesting all the time.

The aim of the text is to make you read the first sentence.

It makes you read the second.

The second one aims at reading the next and so on.

In Closing:

Remember that the words should describe your products or service and create the reader to a (CTA) a call to action.

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  1. A good impression is always the one way to go because that’s what engages readers into coming back to your website; perhaps even subscribe to your newsletter. We all have different writing styles and that’s alright. Imagine if everyone’s writing sounded the same? That would be extremely boring. I think that depending on the topics being discussed in your website and the type of readers that you have that’s how you should portray your writing. Always providing concrete information and being trustworthy with your content 

    • Hello Stephanie, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

      Your response is quite intuitive.

      All the best for your future endeavours. 

      Regards Shane.


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