What Is Pay Per Click Marketing And How Can It Benefit My Business?

As I’m in the Beginning of my (PPC) campaign exactly what is pay per click (PPC) marketing and what benefits will it have for me. Please read on as I try to work out this very important part of affiliate marketing and how it can benefit my business in the future.

Can Be Costly:

(PPC) can be very costly if you don’t take the time to find out how to do it correctly. The key is to find markets where the audience is very targeted towards buying a product, has a lot of people searching for it and few sites as competition. This isn’t easy and without help to begin with you could end up losing a lot of money on ads.

What Is Pay Per Click:

Pay Per Click

(PPC) marketing is an advertising platform in which you bid an amount of money that you are willing to pay for a click. This is one of the more expensive methods of generating traffic, but provides an instant stream of visitors to your site.

There are a number of companies offering pay per click advertising, such as Google, Bing/Yahoo to name but a few. The most well-known is the Google AdWords program, which I will use to illustrate the principles of pay per click.

You may have noticed the ads displayed on the right-hand side of Google’s search page results. Each ad is associated with a keyword phrase (e.g ladies golf clubs) and is displayed next to the search results when someone searches for those keywords.

These ads are known as contextual ads because they are displayed on pages where the content is closely related to the keywords associated with the ad.

You will also come across these ads when you visit certain websites. The same principle applies and the topic of the page matches the keywords associated with the ad.

In this instance, the webmaster will receive a payment from Google for displaying their ads. This program is known as Adsense.

When A User Types A Keyword:

When a user does a search at Google all the ads on the screen are (PPC) ads. Google calls them sponsored listings. When a user types in a keyword, the advertiser’s who have bid on that keyword have their ads displayed.

When one of the ads is clicked by the user they are taken to the advertiser’s website. The advertiser is charged at maximum, the amount they’ve bid.

Most of the time they are charged less than what they have bid. They are never charged more than their maximum bid.

Bid Low:

The bids can start at 1 cent and depending on the market and the (PPC) search engine, go up to $50 or more per click. When starting off I suggest bidding very low.

Ten to fifteen cents per click or lower is a good start. The higher you bid the higher in the rankings your ad is shown therefore increasing your ads visibility and your potential visitors.

he downside is bidding high can cost you a lot of money and in some cases bring you way over budget. Be very careful when bidding.

Bidding low might not get you as much traffic as bidding high but it will bring you traffic for much cheaper thus increasing your return of investment (ROI).


One way to increase the amount of times your ad is shown (visibility) while bidding low, is to bid on a high volume of keywords.

Some marketers bid on hundreds and up to hundreds of thousands of keywords. This method will take some time.

Putting together hundreds or thousands of keywords can be time consuming, but it is an effective strategy for getting quality traffic, without paying a lot of money.

The more you work with the (PPC) the faster you will get at putting together lists of keywords. In case you’re not sure how to generate that many keywords there are many tools on the net that will help. Some are free and some charge money.

PPC What Can It Achieve:

What can (PPC) marketing do for your business? Depending on your market, (PPC) marketing can be a great way to get quality traffic inexpensively, increasing your (ROI) and profit.

It is also a great method for testing products because your ad can go live in as little as 15 minutes and up to 5 business days. Depending on which (PPC) search engine you use.

Advertising your business at free search engines A.K.A organic search engines can take weeks or even months for your website to be indexed in their directory.

It can take a lot longer than that to get a decent ranking on your search terms. The more competitive the keywords you are trying to get listed, the  harder it is to obtain a decent ranking. This is one reason why (PPC) search engines have a huge advantage over organic search engines.

Two Best Choices:

I, as well as thousands of other marketers think the best two (PPC) search engines are Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Google claims your ad can go live in 15 minutes but it usually takes a couple of hours.

This is really fast. Bing/Yahoo! Usually takes a couple of days. There are thousands of smaller PPC search engines. Some of them are good and some are not.

Some will take your money but will not have many searchers. Google and Bing/Yahoo have hundreds of millions of searchers every day. If you think about using a smaller (PPC) do some research and find out what experiences other marketers have had.

Best Website But No Traffic:

You can have the best looking website in the world promoting a fantastic product. If your potential customers don’t know about it, you won’t get any traffic or sales.

This is the single biggest problem facing all internet marketers. This is especially so for newbies who frequently get discouraged and give up their attempts to make money online.

How Does Pay Per Click work:

Pay Per Click

Place your ads with Google AdWords and pay for every click that takes a visitor to your site. The price per click is determined by the popularity of the keyword and its position in the list.

Prices generally vary between a few cents and $5 but can be very much more for some keywords. There is no fixed price for a specific keyword or the position where it’s displayed on the page.

The advertiser specifies the maximum amount they are prepared to pay and then Google uses this and other information from all the other advertisers to work out the position of each ad.

1. Find A Product

2. Keyword Research

3. Ad Copy

4. Bidding Strategies

5. Tracking & Testing

Let’s explore these steps in detail below:

1. Find a Product:

If you don’t have your own product a fast way to get started is to join an affiliate network such as Clickbank.com or Amazon.com.

There are thousands of great products at these networks. They are easy and free to join.

You don’t need a website to start however it is a good idea to invest in a website once you find a lucrative market. You can also join thousands of companies who run their affiliate programs in-house.

To find these companies type in a product you would like to advertise and follow it with affiliate program. E.g. “Wealthy Affiliate Program”.

2. Keyword Research:

Brain storm search terms that people would use to find your market.

Use general and specific keywords.

General keyword e.g.

  • “Make Money Online”
  • “How To Make Money”.
  • Specific keyword e.g.
  • “How To Make Money Online”.

Check your competitors’ website source code and look at their meta tags to see what keywords they are using. Use keyword tools like Jaaxy keyword research tool. These will help you uncover hundreds or even thousands of keyword phrases and combinations.

3. Ad Copy:

Writing good ad copy is crucial for getting visitors from AdWords. Focus on the benefits of the product you are selling and use the keyword in the title of your ad. If a web user typed the keyword “Make Money Online” you could write an ad like this:

  • How To Make Money Online
  • Learn Insider Techniques Too
  • Making Money Fast.
  • The keyword is in the title and the benefits are in the ad body.

4. Bidding Strategies:

If you have a small budget keep your bids low between 10 and 25 cents per click.

Bid on as many keywords as you can. Don’t get into bidding wars with your competitor for 1st place or any ranking. Figure out what a visitor is worth to you.

If you have 4 sales for every 100 visitors and you make $20 per sale, a visitor would be worth $0.80. This is how I would calculate the visitors worth: 4 sales x $20 / 100 visitors.

Once you know what a visitor is worth you will know how much your maximum bid should be. To obtain a healthy ROI never bid more than half of what a visitor is worth on a search term. Using our example above a visitor is worth $0.80 so you would keep bids below $0.40 because you want to try to make a 200% ROI.

5. Testing And Tracking:

Experiment with your ads. Split test 2 ads in your AdWords account.

Keep the ad that performs the best and edit or rewrite the loser and split test again. Look at your AdWords stats to make note of the best performing ads.

This will teach you what types of ads work best for your market. Test variations of your landing page. Modify your page and track your results. You should constantly be testing and tracking your website content and your ads.

Google Analytics:

Google has a conversion tool to help track specific goals like your (ROI) and your click thru rate to your website links.

Google has an excellent tool called Google Analytics that tracks traffic, goals, ROI, keywords and much more. It is the best free tracking tool I have ever worked with.

The Final Click:

If this method appeals to you, you can at a later stage spend a lot more time specializing in the numerous strategies that have been devised to make this technique successful.

In common with all advertising, the secret is to continually test and improve on the performance of your ads.

The bottom line is quite simply, if you make more profit than the cost of your ads, you are on a winner. If not, stop immediately and try something else!

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Kind Regards Shane.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Pay Per Click Marketing And How Can It Benefit My Business?”

  1. I have used PPC marketing but not lately. This article really shows what is involved. I totally agree with you about bidding low. It’s almost like poker in a way! But sometimes when you find a good website to bid low on, you notice the difference.

    Google Analytics — how could you do this successfully without the feedback it provides? Or could you?

    • Hello Zana, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

      I like your analogy about bidding low, is like poker. 

      Like anything you do you need to become the expert. 

      So you need to become the poker expert and reduce the chances of losing your money. 

      Google analytics helps with certain data.

      The data you really need is sales revenue. 

      This tells you if your ad campaign is successful or not. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  2. I love your site, Shane. So exciting targeting keywords in my for PPC campaign and your advice on keeping bid low but advantages of high bidding on google ads. I love how you got your email marketing on the go with free books as well as your utilizing videos on your site. It is inspiring to me as I build my own business up. I’m just getting to know bing ads and Yahoo yes a slow process, but loving every step of this website building and Wealthy Affiliate has provided me with ongoing support. Hey, a quick question what are your thoughts on Linkedin and Tic Toc? Do you see an opportunity there for affiliate marketing?          

    • Hi , 

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post. 

      Appreciate the feedback about the website. 

      Wealthy Afffiliate is the best. 

      Could not do any of this without their training.

      Not using Linkedin or Tic Toc at the moment, if they work for you go with them.

      Have heard from other members of WA not to do to many social media sites as it takes up to much time. 

      Pick 2 or 3 social media sites and focus on them. 

      Kind Regards Shane.


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