Wealthy Affiliate or Solo Build It?

Depending on what camp you may be in will determine your views. I will attempt to review Wealthy Affiliate up against Solo Build It. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member just want to get that out their.

You can move on to other posts if this bothers you. I will investigate both sides of the coin. As a reviewer on such topics you come across positive and negative comments for both platforms.

These negative comments are generally from people who have not been able to succeed in either choices. The positives tend to be the opposite.

People will make money from these affiliate marketing platforms and various other platforms. It will come down to personal choice.

Feature and benefits will be the focus of this post. Hopefully by the end you can choose the direction you want to take.

The Founder:

The below image has the founders name on the review. He is not going to be one sided?

I know I am one sided but I don’t own the company.

Solo Build It

Founder: Founded by Ken Evoy in 1997

Product Type:

Online Marketing Training Platform


$29.99/month or $299/year

Best For:

Anyone interested to build their own website & make money online

SBI Members:

When the idea for any product occurs. The first thing we do is look for a relevant review.

I started reading a review about  how a long time SBI member, had left and come back which happens for various reason.

Life can throw you many curve balls. Everyone’s situation is different. Determination within your niche will be the guiding light to success.

A website and domain name will need time to achieve SEO recognition. You should not give up as your website needs time to mature.

Solo Build It Costs

The SBI Review:

I have just partially read a long review from SBI on Wealthy Affiliate.

I must say quite damming of Wealthy Affiliate.

That is what competition is about.

Lots of information that Wealthy Affiliate are not as successful as SBI. It does make you think more about. My thoughts is both sites will have their PROS and CONS.

At the end of the discussion a fair amount will need to be spent on your websites to drive traffic. It is good to have competition it drives you to do better.

All businesses have competition and all will say things about another company’s products to get the edge over them.

Apple Vs Samsung:

You have Apple vs Samsung for example, they all have products, that work much the same. They both have had their glitches over the years.

Nothing more disastrous than the Galaxy note 9 battery that exploded. The problem has been fixed. When will the next disaster happen who knows.

When I was in customer service for a company who are no longer in business. We sold mirrored cabinets that were faulty.

The mirror part would suddenly come off causing a lot of damage. Fortunately no one was hurt. So all I’m saying is that accidents happens. No one plans for such events.

The Review:

I encourage you to read their SBI review and make up your own mind. I will not say Wealthy Affiliate will make you rich just by joining them.

SBI make some good points. I would be confident in saying their are success stories on both sides.

There would be probably more failures than successes. Depends on whole host of variables. From SBI point of view they are taking the higher ground and are sick of the Wealthy Affiliate comparing their business as not quite as good. People will invariably have their own opinion; a new revelation i think not.

Interesting Fact:

One thing intrigued me and made me think they are drawing at straws; was that Wealthy Affiliate asked the WA members’ to do reviews on other members’ websites.

The idea behind it is you do 2 reviews and you get a reward for comments back on your post, a monetary bonus. You don’t have to do the reviews if you don’t want to.

If you want some comments on your article you can purchase them as i do and it does not bother me one iota in paying for comments.

They cast aspersions to the quality of the review because of this process. Just goes to show you anyone can make something sound bad. They obviously don’t understand or not care to understand the process.

The review can be rejected by the other member if they are not happy with the quality of the review. All’s fair in love and war.

Of Course Everybody Want’s Your Business:

Wealthy Affiliate do want your business; what business doesn’t. Without you the customer the business or any other business is doomed.

The SBI review was comprehensive and probably had some truths about. You can find good and bad reviews for any company on the Internet. Wealthy Affiliate and SBI both need customers and a lot of times they will do whatever it takes.

In the age of blogging their is so much written today about all sorts of things.

It Will Take Hard Work:

Success will only come from your hard work.

I can as an affiliate marketer join a multitude of different affiliate marketing platforms; the work will need to be done.

It won’t just happen overnight.

If you find yourself reading this post, believe me i would love you to join Wealthy Affiliate; and I will help you in any way I can.

Remember no one can do the work for you. If you aren’t up to the task you may as well stop reading now.

It will not matter who you choose to go with if you can’t put in the hours in, have the patience to wait for your website to achieve SEO recognition; then you won’t make it.

SBI are playing in the same play ground. If they have a quicker way of getting your website to make money sooner than any of the other businesses. Then give them your hard-earned money.

Final Analysis:

If your sick of the slick marketing and all the promises in the world. That any of these marketing platforms will you give some sort of success. It will come down to the feature and benefits. Maybe their are hidden costs. Some money will need to be spent.

When you grow the business their will be more costs. No matter who you choose. You as a beginner in the affiliate marketing world will be needing some direction.  Nobody will be forcing you stay with either platform if your not happy.

I personally pay month to month. If you happen to go yearly be sure that is what you want. I could personally write a long-winded article about anything and make it sound true. Could be doing it now.

I will let you the customer make this decision. Try a couple of different platforms what have you got to lose. Find out what suits you.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general. I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any affiliate marketing questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

Kind Regards Shane.copywright

2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate or Solo Build It?”

  1. Hi, Shane!
    Wealthy Affiliate is a very good platform to learn Affiliate Marketing on.
    I have been involved with online marketing for 4 years and have run into a large number of platforms that teach beginners how to make money with a Home Biz.
    The most common issues I have found with a lot of these programs are all the upsells and hidden fees they don’t tell you about.
    If I wasn’t a member of Wealthy Affiliate already, I would re-join myself.

    • Hi Jeff, Thank You for your postive comments.
      It is much appreciated.
      Good To hear from a long time affiliate marketer.
      WA is a fantastic platform for beginners to learn the ropes.
      Kind Regards Shane.


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