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The Internet has made it very easy and complex to express ourselves. We can express ourselves through many ways, and as a result its difficult to collect all of these media of expression in one place. So what are the different ways that the Internet allows us to express ourselves ? The Warrior Forum is a lot like Redditt and Quora and has been around, since 1997.

Can’t say I’m a big forum person. I am personally with the best platform an affiliate marketer could need if any questions should arise. More about that later.

The problem with forums is all the misinformation that is passed around. When you are new to the game anything can seem believable. Have joined a few Facebook groups even that is fraught with danger. To many scammers around watch out newbie.

So when you read reviews about warrior forum claiming it to be a scam, Just know any platform will have it’s detractors. Not much can be done about that unless you want to take everyone to court. Nuts and bolts of warrior forum is for anybody who wants to come and discuss:

  • Strategies and tactics for making money online
  • SEO
  • PPC advertising
  • Selling digital marketing services
  • Copywriting
  • Just about anything related to affiliate marketing products

Who Is Warrior Forum For:

Forums are the meeting place for personal networking there is a balance of knowledge that can make it an interesting and entertaining place to connect.

As a business owner you have the ability to empower your customers with the tools needed to network when you provide a forum and the forum is primarily for their benefit, not yours.

That’s not to say customers will make a rush to use the forum, but once the ice is broken you are allowing your customers to do what you are attempting to do form connections and gain third party opinions.

The technology sector has been able to conform to the potent need we have to connect with others and we are using the computer more than ever to connect.

Where once motorists used time on the freeway to listen to the news, sing songs, tell stories and play multiple games of I spy, now busy parents are on their Bluetooth finalizing plans, business details and family functions. Children are in the back seat watching a DVD, listening to an iPod or sending a text message.

It is this connection deprived world that allows forums to be a powerful tool for networking. If you once were involved in a particular hobby and local enthusiasts met once a month this was often the extent of your connections related to the hobby. However, with forums you can connect multiple times daily if you like.

You can gain access to people who share your enthusiasm from all walks of life and from throughout the world.

Questions can be answered more readily and good news can be shared more quickly. As a business owner you know what its like to forge networking connections. You know that value of business-to-business connections as well as consumer connections.

By hosting a specific forum on your e-commerce website you are extending the welcome mat to connection deprived visitors to find value in your website.

With the growth of forum connections the site visitor will also likely experience a growing trust in the business that made it possible for them to connect with other like-minded individuals.

You could develop a business without a forum, and you might even find success in the endeavor Often one of the enthusiastic members of the forum will volunteer to moderate the forum leaving the process virtually hands free for the website owner.

This makes a forum a very inexpensive part of your marketing plan. Life has always been about human connection, a forum brings a personal touch to the often impersonal World Wide Web.

The Warrior Forum In A Nutshell:

There are more perks, but in a nutshell, the War Room privileges give those who understand how to utilize the Warrior Forum correctly an extra way to profit not just through the forum itself, but move their own online business further.

Other than that, for the most part, the Warrior forum has massive potential for people to share ideas, ask questions and get advice from other marketers.

  • Sell their own products/affiliate products to the entire forum and earn money there.
  • Create social groups and potential joint ventures with other members.
  • Be able to put up blog posts on the forum and (I could be wrong on this) advertise their blog on the site.

Laptop For Warrior Forum

What Is Good About The Warrior Forum?

Unless you possess a lot of online marketing experience and perhaps a product you can sell there, this forum won’t do much for you.

There I will be able to get inside information on the product.

If there’s a new product to the internet marketing world, you’ll likely read about it on the Warrior Forum.

This place has 1,000’s of members if not more Always there is information on it, either from someone who has tried it. Sometimes the information is useful, but other times, it’s not always accurate or honest.


  • There are a lot of experienced people there who provide advice you could use in your online marketing endeavours.
  • A place to research make money online (MMO) products.
  • If you own an MMO product, you can promote it to the entire forum and possibly earn some money.


  • Not recommended for newbie affiliate marketer.
  • There’s too many opinions on what you should do to MMO, what you should buy, where to go, etc.
  • Some shady products advertised there.

There are many useful aspects to this place, but for many beginners to online marketing, it’s going to be difficult to accomplish anything major there.

There are certainly a lot of good members who you can take advice from, but like I said before, take it with a grain of salt because there’s too many people suggesting too many things. This will simply confuse you, especially if you’re new! Search engines are the keys to the vast knowledge base distributed over the web.

At the same time it is also true that search engines do not provide you the direct answer to your query. What you get is a list of documents the search engine thought relevant to your search query.

You need to browse through these documents in the hope of getting the answer. Though search engines are getting sharper at finding the relevant documents – it is still a long way when they will fully comprehend the meaning of your query and you still do not get a direct answer!

It is here that the forums provide an alternative. Previously known as bulletin boards or message boards, forums are the best thing a net newbie can come across. You can find all the information you need by joining and querying in forums. Most of the big and reputed forums are moderated by experienced people.

As a forum user you benefit from the accumulated knowledge of these learned persons. You can expect a wide range of viewpoints and beliefs found for a certain query or issue. This gives you a better understanding of that particular issue.


You can always rely on getting some helpful soul at some forum to guide you to find answer to your query. At the minimum you will get reference to resources which contain answer to your queries.

So you don’t have to change your keyword combination, try different phrases or different search engines to get what you are looking for. All you need to do in a forum is to express explicitly what you are looking for.

Archived forum topics sometimes provide the best way to find an answer to very obscure questions, such as how to fix a particular software problem, a loan problem, a financial problem the list is endless! There are thousands of forums catering to different topics and areas of discussion.

Find out which one covers your query topic, join the forum and post your question and wait for a flood of replies!! From the reviews on Warrior Forum I would suggest that you stay away from them.

It really is a waste of time, and you will rarely see anything useful in terms of content on there.

To find good content you really will need to dig quite deep, and you’ll wind up getting distracted by all the nonsense on there before you do find anything good.

I mentioned earlier in the piece about a forum I use for all the knowledge I will ever need. I will leave a link for you to consider the best options for you. Would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any affiliate marketing questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.copywright

Kind Regards Shane.

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  1. Wow, 

    the Warrior forum, seems like a very interesting platform to me, and I believe it does not come cheap, I have read through this article and am glad to know that such an opportunity is made available to me, and apply to my business, my appeal to the admin is to please ask of you can send video tutorial to enable more practical knowledge of what I will learn.

  2. I have been an affiliate marketer for almost 4 years and have not heard of Warrior Forum.  Your detailed account of this program was very helpful.  I particularly appreciated the advice you offered new affiliate marketers with the caution that there is so much information, they might be confused.  I am anxious to give this a try both to communicate with like minded business people, but also as a source for current and new information on affiliate marketing.  Thanks for the review.

    • Hello Anastazja, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article. 

      Always good to learn about new things. 

      This is why I love affiliate marketing. 

      All the best Shane Lacey.

  3. Hi Shane,

    Just signed up to Warrior Forum as it was recommended in a course I’ve just signed up for. So, far it is just frustrating. Not sure if it’s because I’ve not had my account activated yet or I need to use the War room. Now, will just wait for their support to get back to me but so far not sure what to think.

    Also, I see you’re on WA – my username is chivs86 if you’d like to add me.

    • Hello Alex,
      Thank you for having a read of my post.
      Stick with WA and you will be heading in the right direction.
      Don’t personally do anything with warrior forum as WA have everything I need.
      Kind Regards Shane.


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