Travel While Working Online (Living The Dream)

So you want to travel the world while working online! Say no more. I’ll be there with you at the Airport check-in. The online world will allow you to travel, while  working as an Affiliate Marketer, Website developer, Drop Shipper, or why not as a Freelance Writer.

These are just some of the careers you can do while traveling. So if you are excited as me to get this new career on the move. Why not get started today?Sounds simple enough. Trust me it will take some effort to get that business going.

Yes I Said It, Business:

It is a business, you will need to work hard to make it successful. Just imagine you will have no body ordering you around.  You will be your own boss.

Travel while you work

You will  need to motivate yourself to work and grow your business.

The sooner you start the quicker you will be on that beach with your laptop in hand, creating your new career for yourself .

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Well it’s the key to your freedom, your ticket to a brand new life. Many people fail at their first attempt because they dont know how to get started. This is why you are reading this article.

At this pivotal moment in your career. You want direction from someone who may have the answers to your dilemma. Whatever got you here, maybe work is not challenging enough for you.  The drive to work is exhausting, so much traffic these days.

You think to yourself there must be a better existence out there for me.  Well there is! Affiliate Marketing maybe the option for you the list below will be the steps you need to take.

Ten Commandments:

  •  Find an Interest (Niche Ideas)
  • Find an Affiliate Program
  • Find a Keyword
  • Buy a Domain
  • Set up Hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Set up Your Website
  • Write Some Content
  • Monetize Your Content
  • Share Your Content

Find A Niche:

This step is the most important one you will undertake. You may ask why?  This is the one step that will take most of your time to do.

Two to three posts a week if not more. You need to get google’s attention somehow, good informative eye-catching information will be a must do.

No alternative or you won’t make it. You will be just wasting your valuable time, better to do something else with it. OK so you are reading on, you want to continue with this niche idea you have thought about.

You pick your niche you start on the journey of a lifetime but you need help with the next step . Find a platform with the tools to help you build your business.

Find An Affiliate Program:

This one is easier than you think but i will make you sweat a little on this, string you out a little bit why be so cruel you say.

An Affiliate program is like no other education you can get anywhere out there, so this is most important part of the process to find the right program for you.

You deserve the best, you need the best product available, or you are just going to be one of those could have been affiliate marketers. Getting the right affiliate program for you is important.

Maybe you  try a few different affiliate platforms in your quest to  find the one that best suits you.

See if you can find one that has a no strings attached, try before you buy. Then you can start packing your bags to the big wide world.

Hold your horses you must crawl before you can walk remember baby steps. All will be revealed, have some patience, l know you are wanting to know.

Find A Keyword:

The keyword search tool is what will  help you with your blog ideas. So Google can index your posts quicker. First page of Google is what we need to achieve.

The keyword search tool I use is Jaaxy this keyword search tool will make your life so much easier get you and your website to Google first page.

So people can find your content quicker and then buy from you, through your niche and the thousands of affiliate programs available to you.

One being,  AMAZON to name one of the big one’s, ETSY or maybe CLICKBANK it has some nice commissions for you.

There is absolutely thousands of affiliate programs for you to tap in to earn a living, all while working on a tropical beach.

Buy A Domain:

Am i painting a picture for you; can you imagine yourself there close your eyes and just imagine it.

The next step is buy a Domain what is a domain you say. This will be the name of your new business, are you getting it now you are the boss.

Spend some time on this one it needs to be relevant to what your niche is about. My best advice would be to pick wisely to get this right first time.


The next three,

I will bundle together as they will come with  the affiliate platform.

If you are unable to find a program that does;  Hosting, WordPress and has a Website as well you are better of going elsewhere.

This is without a doubt the most  crucial part of having a successful business.

If you have the website with all the right ingredients in place, you will be ahead of the game.

The website is what will grab the attention of your customers, who wants to buy your product. WordPress is the writing platform that you will be using everyday.

So you are in capable hands with a multitude of different themes to choose from you will be able to build that website in no matter of time. You will not need to be a computer programmer it is all done for you by WordPress.

Write Some Content:

This is the challenging part of Affiliate Marketing writing the content.

Of course, you have chosen the Niche best for you a hobby you like for example, you like the health and fitness industry a huge niche worth billions of dollars. You become the expert everybody wants to listen too.

Monetize Your Content:

Making money that is what it is all about, I hear you say true it is but you must remember it is a lot of work to get the ball rolling if you can not do the hard work stop now.

OK you are working hard you have written a lot of material you’re ranking on google. Traffic is flowing to your website your making money, good on you.  I knew you could do it.

Share The Content:

Hold on a minute we have forgotten how were able to share all this awesome content we have created.

Oh that’s right the affiliate platform.  Let me save you some time and tell you how I did it.

I started with a free try before you buy platform which has all the features and benefits and then some.

I have not yet mentioned their name, you will soon discover this community of people with a treasure trove of resources.

Which helps you become the business entrepreneur inside of you.

The best in the business, and i have checked a few different programs out, this is the one and only Wealthy Affiliate.

Try Wealthy Affiliate Free.

No Risk, and No Credit Card Required.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any affiliate marketing questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.

copywrightKind Regards Shane.


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4 thoughts on “Travel While Working Online (Living The Dream)”

  1. The freedom you talk about is exactly what  drew me into wanting to try affiliate marketing.  I wanted that freedom.  I love travelling and knowing that I can work on my business anywhere there is an internet connection.  Never chained to any location.  It’s a breath of fresh air, and I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program, and that is how I have grown my business and learned exactly how to do this.  Your article is spot on.  It’s the best program out there.

    • Hello Babsie, 

      Thank You for your postive response.

      Never has a better sentence been said than “It’s the best program out there”.

      I feel so lucky to have found the best program; and look forward to many years of success with Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  2. I agree with you totally that you can travel while making money online, as these days the internet has opened the business world to just about anyone with an idea and the will to take action making that idea a reality. The bar to entry has been lowered and that is a good thing for all of us.

    Not only can you do this while traveling, but the lifestyle you can build also is much less stressful, more free time can be built in, and you can help people globally as you earn your money in an ethical manner. By this I mean you can earn without scamming people, without doing anything illegal, and you really can help people.

    The ten commandments format is a new take on the process that you recommend, and I thought it was super effective. That is going to stick in people’s minds long after they leave this page. The reason it also works is that you have managed to cover all the basics of what is required to start making money online.

    Of course, you can make this money from home, while traveling, and even while working for someone else, as the case may be. Having a plan and the tools to make all this happen is important and it can be confusing as to what you need and who to trust with your money your mind, and your time.

    The Wealthy Affiliate platform is an excellent recommendation. I can verify from my own experiences that you will learn and have access to all the tools you need to get started with your online journey, and you can choose to turn your life into one that allows you to travel and make money while doing so. The free trial with no credit card makes this a no brainer decision too! 

    • Hello Dave, 

      Appreciate the feedback very thorough reply.

      It is a no brainer at all; i can only hope that i expressed the benefits of starting a online business here at Wealthy Affiliates.

      As there is no down side to Wealthy Affiliates; features and benefits is all i can see.

      Freedom from your employment situation is at yout fingertips dont let it slip away.

      Regards Shane


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