The Best Keyword Search Tool Is?

The best keyword search tool is by far JAAXY second to none. Do you need the edge over the competition look no further than the all in one powerful keyword search tool known as JAAXY.

Jaaxy Product Review:



Price: FREE for first 30 searches

Product – Keyword Search Tool

Jaaxy Research Tool

Jaaxy, Get Ahead Of Your Competition:

Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

There are an incredible number of hands on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business.

Keyword and competition research can now be a breeze!

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.

So Many Keywords:

With over 500 Million “brand new” search terms being searched every day.

It is important that you have a keyword tool that can offer accurate traffic, competition, and domain insights into billions of keywords.

Jaaxy is that tool.

With the Keyword Research Tool, you are going to be able to quickly discover unique, hot and untouched keywords that you will then be able to use to drive your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights.

Jaaxy scores

For The Serious Affiliate Marketer:

This product is for the serious online marketer who wants to get the edge on the competition.

I use this product myself as part of my Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

I have searched keywords even for this review my title is Jaaxy researched to help me get indexed in GOOGLE, YAHOO, and BING search engines which it has done so.

More Tools Than You Can Poke A Stick At!

I can understand if you are new to the world of online marketing it may sound a little daunting.

The good thing is you can try it out for free and even better you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and have access as well.

Alphabet Soup:

This feature allows you to find keywords to help you write the content you need to build a successful website.

When you are doing research it it can be difficult.

They have taken one of the most powerful research techniques and  and search terms or phrase and quickly build an alphabetized list or search phrase variants from it.

Saved List:

This list you can build over time and will be essential when you need ideas on content for your website.


SiteRank is a platform exclusive to Jaaxy that is going to allow you to monitor and track all rankings in Google, Yahoo, or Bing for all websites.

Affiliate Programs:

If you are looking for affiliate opportunities, use the Jaaxy search function.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program database has over 15,000 affiliate programs.

Finding a Affiliate program to suit you will be a breeze.


With Jaaxy you have the ability to brainstorm this will allow you to discover the latest products, information, and search trends .

Having this advantage will give you valuable new opportunities and the ability to stay in touch with all the different niches.

Jaaxy Support:

The Jaaxy team are a proactive, reactive, an innovative team with the goal of making the Internet business world a much more efficient one through our technologies.

Simply put, they love everything about technology but support and customer feedback is at the forefront of any improvements and innovations that take place.


Billions of keywords at your fingertips

99.7% Search Engine Coverage

Niches exposed uncovered Track your rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo

Analyze your SEO competition

Determine your site ranking

Track historical rankings

Monitor your website authority


Jaxxy is not free you will have to pay a monthly fee of 19/month.

Too many PROS and struggled to find a CON.

In my search for cons one website said you need internet connection they must be grasping at straws to find a con.

Keep in mind if you have a Wealthy Affiliate membership you get JAAXY free.

What is it going to cost you:

I have read quite a few reviews and they are really postive, if you are  wanting to know about the cost, at first it will cost nothing.

The real cost is time and if it takes you all day to to find keywords,  save a heap of time and get on with starting your new business.

As I said it costs nothing to get started so what are you waiting for.

Jaaxy membership options

Final Analysis:

So you want pros and cons, I can only see pros, the only cons is, not using JAAXY.

At the end of the day if you are not using tools to help you succeed in business you will most likely give up in frustration.

Over the years I have watched many YouTube video on making money online with passive income concepts.

I have learned that it is complicated world and forever changing, if you are serious about making this your business you will need help.

JAAXY research tool is going to give you the help you need to build a successful website which in turns builds your new business.

This is not your regular review as i am a little one sided. I guess i will find out over time if this style of review works.

I will call it opinion based review from my experiences in the world of making money online.

Believe me many people make money and many don’t so you can be one of the people who are making money online because you took a chance and used Jaaxy keyword research tool.

It is worth it, you will not be disapointed you chose JAAXY.

The Most Powerful Keyword Research Tool:

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I’m happy to help any way that I can.copywright

Kind Regards Shane.

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6 thoughts on “The Best Keyword Search Tool Is?”

  1. Hi Shane, nice content you have here. My high point in this post was where you mentioned a site searching for cons saying you need internet connection😂, hilarious.

    seriously, Jaaxy has been a very helpful tool to me even though I am just a beginner in affiliate marketing, I can not get enough from this tool. I use it majorly for keyword and site ranking. I guess it excites a lot to know my stand on Google. Though I started not long, but ive made worthy progress all thanks to Jaaxy. I just exhausted my 30free searches, and I will go for the pro sub without hesitation because I’m loving the platform.

    • Thank You for the feedback. 

      I would not be able to do my post without Jaaxy it is essential for my business.

      Kind Regards Shane.

  2. I have made use of several keyword research tools and from this post, it sure seems like Jaaxy has features that trump the other keyword research tools that I have made use of. I really like its navigation and its simplicity. I have actually heard about this tool from a lot of people and they only speak positive things about it. I would really have to give it a try as I feel it is a better choice for me.

    • Thank you for taking the time to reply.

      Appreciate your feedback. 

      I would highly recommend you using Jaaxy going forward. You wont regret it.

      Kind Regards Shane.

  3. Hi Shane,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative article with all the necessary information about “The Best Keyword Search Tool Is?”

    Really this is an amazing article.I like the article very much.I have just started my website.So,getting more traffics and ranked up in google i was looking for a keyword.One of my friend suggested me to use jaaxy keyword.But i wasn’t proper learned about jaaxy.But after reading your article i have gained all the thorough details of jaaxy keyword.I have learned that jaaxy is the best keyword for an affiliate marketer.There is 30 free searches which has impressed me the most.I am going to check out this jaaxy keyword for my website.I hope it will be worthy for me and i will come back to you with the positive result.This article is very helpful for those people who are looking for a perfect keyword as you highlighted the article so nicely.I will also share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    But is a beginner can get enough benefited from this jaaxy keyword? I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Appreciate your feedback about this post. 

      You are so right in saying Jaaxy will help you with your business.

      I am happy this article was able help you in your decision to go further with Jaaxy and your future.

      Kind Regards Shane.


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