Secrets To Marketing Your Expertise

Do you want to know what it takes to successfully market a web site and generate repeat sales? It’s Simple Really, you must position yourself as a perceived expert. It doesn’t matter what product or service you are selling, this same premise will hold true. What is a perceived expert, you ask?

Good question

Gone are the days where you could build a simple company web site, list your products and send customers to an order page. New web sites are sprouting up like blades of grass and competition is intensely fierce. The bottom line is this, why should a customer buy from you?

A small but growing number of small business owners have discovered the answer to this question and are kicking your butt. How are they accomplishing this? By positioning themselves as an expert in their industry and using their web site to communicate that fact to potential customers.

How can you become an expert too?

Offer your potential customers an education to compliment the product or service you are selling. You can write it, buy it or license the content you need.

Whichever you choose, teaching your customers should be an essential component of your web site and its importance cannot be overstated.

People want to buy the best product they can, at the best price, from someone they trust. Given the fact your customers will never see or meet you, this task is accomplished by your web site.

It seems odd the more you give away, the more people are willing to pay for your services but it’s true. The key is that it’s got to be good and of high relevance to your target audience.

This builds peoples confidence that you consistently know your stuff and that you can be counted on for long-term value.

People soon realize that if you’re willing to give away such valuable information, think how great the solutions they pay for will be!

So how do you share your expertise with your target audience? Through writing and speaking.

It starts with being able to get your core ideas down on paper in a way that catches your audiences attention and compels them to action.

If the idea of writing an article or giving a speech feels overwhelming, stay with me. I’m going to show you how easy it can be if you follow a basic formula that works every time.

Keyboard warrior

Formula for success

We’ve all stared at a blank page, at a loss for words or ideas and wondered how in the world to write this article, proposal, report or presentation that’s due soon with the deadline looming and no inspiration in sight.

It’s the worst feeling and brings out the procrastinator in all of us. Next time you’d rather clean out your desk than force yourself to sit down and write something, try this easy approach:

Brainstorm a short list of things that your clients struggle with

What problems drive them to you? Why are they willing to pay good money for your services.

Remember, it’s not about you — it’s about them, their pain, and their needs. This is now your list of topics for articles and talks.

 Pick one topic and answer the following questions:

  • What’s the problem?
  • What’s the lost opportunity?
  • Why is this important to address?
  • What will happen if it’s ignored?
  • What’s your solution?
  • What tips do you have for implementing your solution?
  • What example can you use to illustrate your point?

Write your answers to these questions and don’t worry about how it flows or even that you’re using good grammar. Just get your ideas on paper (or into the computer).

Notice that by now, you have at least a page written. Pat yourself on the back and keep going. Go back and clean up what you’ve written, add a catchy title and some headlines to break up the text.

Keep your paragraphs short, add some bullets or numbers to guide the eye. Maybe add references or a diagram.

Step back and review what you’ve done. By now, you’ve got an article! Ask a couple of trusted colleagues, clients or friends for feedback on your draft this really can help you.

Plus, it’s a great confidence booster and low-risk way to share your writing with a small audience first.

Put your new article on your website, offer to send it as follows up when networking, send it to current clients, use it as the basis for getting booked for talks (more on how to in a future newsletter) whatever you do, dont let it languish.

USE it as a way of sharing your expertise.

Office enviroment

Create an office environment

Set up a creative environment that’s habit-forming.

Creativity doesn’t just happen, it’s a disciplined skill that can be learned. Creativity is not a mystical, elusive gift that’s only accessible to artists.

Everyone can develop it. Set up the right conditions and it eventually kicks-in.

For me, it’s the act of daily planning that clears my mind to make room for ideas to flow.

For you, it might be puttering in your garden or going for a walk. Whatever it is, do it daily and be disciplined about it. Use an organizational system for your ideas.

Over the course of a month, I run into articles, quotes, websites, books, photos, experiences, and conversations all of which inspire me for an upcoming article or talk.

I capture them in folders, labeled by theme or big idea. When I’m ready to start writing, I draw on this collection of resources to inspire and guide my thinking.

You might find a binder the best catchall. Whatever works for you, the mere act of labeling and filling your container demonstrates your commitment to the idea.

Beware of these deadly mistakes: relying too much on others, waiting for or expecting perfection, overthinking, feeling obligated to finish what you’ve started, and working with the wrong materials.

Any one of them will undermine your best efforts. If you’re stuck, look at each of these to see if they’re holding you back. Find your spine. It’s your one strong idea, the toehold that gets you started.

The spine of this e-newsletter, for example, is that writing is a core competency of effective marketing.

Master your skill

You have to master the underlying skills of your creative domain, then build your creativity on the solid foundation of those skills. You can’t write or speak effectively about your chosen profession, if you haven’t mastered what you bring to the table to begin with.

Know the difference between a rut and a block. Writers block is when you’ve shut down and your tank is empty. In that case, you just need to do something anything to change the patterns in your brain (walk away, sing, get outdoors, do some yoga, cuddle with your pet you get the idea).

A rut is more like a false start. This happens when you’re using a bad idea, it’s bad timing, or you’re sticking with old methods that dont work.

Get out of a rut by questioning everything except your ability to get out of it. Fail often privately.

This includes drafts that get thrown away, early versions that you share with trusted colleagues, testing your message while networking (what’s your impression of?).

Then figure out why you’re failing (is it the idea? your timing? a matter of skill? judgment? nerve?) and address it before going public.

In closing

Believe in the long haul. Sharing your expertise through writing won’t be easy overnight.It ll take discipline to create a habit that eventually builds the skill.

Believe me, it’s well worth it. Before you know it, you’ll have a solid core of articles and speeches to draw from in your marketing arsenal.

By offering them a wealth of expertise related to the products you are selling, you immediately create a foundation to build upon.

You are helping them make a more informed decision as to what to purchase while at YOUR web site.

In essence, your web site becomes the salesperson that the customer would normally see in the store or talk to on the phone. Customers always have questions.

You have the opportunity to give them the answer and a whole lot more knowledge by becoming a perceived expert in your industry.

If you give your potential customers an education, they will reward you for it. Plus, they will likely tell their friends too! One last thing before i go is to pass on the way i was educated.

I would be amiss if I didn’t do so. This system is the best hands down. The best thing about it is free no CREDIT CARD required. The best of all it’s not a SCAM like so many others.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any affiliate marketing questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.copywright

Kind Regards Shane.

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  1. I too believe that you have to carve out your expertise and niche in online businesses. I really like the idea about making a creative office like space. I’ve delved into online business and I have set up a desk where I work from. I made adjustments that made it more conducive for creativity and cranking out my material. 

    • Hello Jessica, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Appreciate the feedback. 

      Always good to feel organised and comfortable when working on your business. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  2. I enjoyed reading this article. My initiation into online marketing is entirely new. So I try to get my hands on furthering my learning. Glad to have landed in your article. I gleaned some essential little nuggets of gold.

    My focus was primarily on why should customers buy from me. I never really felt that the customer would be wondering about all these different things. 

    Thanks for making me more of what’s really important, which is the customer. 

    • Hello Jagi, 

      Thank you for reading my article. 

      When starting out in any business there is so much to learn.

      If I can be of any assistance to any one, I then have done my job. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  3. I find your writing style very attractive. It has a tendency to draw the reader into the topic and demands further interest and action. I wish to compliment you for that. The positioning yourself as an expert is a good view. It is good advice on how your niche market should be approached. Thank you for that. i agree that the more you give of yourself and the more you are willing to help, people will gravitate towards that. Your practical formula on writing is very helpful and I can use it in my writing as well. Your advice on creating an environment for creativity is very good.  Thank you for a good post. 

    • Hello Randalv, 

      Appreciate your time and feedback. 

      Happy to hear you were able yo get some new information for your own use. 

      Kind Regards Shane.


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