LinkedIn’s Advertising Guidelines

In this post, we will learn how to apply some advertising guidelines with LinkedIn. Sponsored Content Ads are updates that promote your content to an audience beyond people that are following your profile or your company. You can use them to target a specific audience, and help you reach LinkedIn members wherever and whenever they are engaging on the LinkedIn platform across desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Sponsored and Direct Content

For Sponsored Company Content and Direct Sponsored Content Specifications, we find: Link sharing, Embedded Rich Media, Ad policy notes, tracking capabilities, and Click flow. Text Ads are a tailor made for reaching any type of potential audience on desktop devices on any type of budget.

For Advertising Specifications for Text Ads, we find: Links, Text, Image and Placement.

You can also take a look at the other Ad Specs, depending on your plans for advertising with LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Advertising Guidelines

The following advertising guidelines have been created by LinkedIn to protect their users and the integrity of its platform. Failure to comply with these guidelines will get your ads removed from the platform.

LinkedIn can also restrict you from further advertising on it, so take note:

  • Your in-ad content must be accurate and true to the actual content being promoted. Do not ever deceive or lie to LinkedIn members through advertising.
  • Keep your in-ad text concise and well formatted. Do not use non-standard grammar, spelling or capitalization.
  • In-ad contact information must be kept to a minimum. Add only one link, one email address or one phone number per ad.
  • Do not ever use inappropriate, suggestive or outright offensive language in your ads.
  • In-ad links must lead to clean and non-deceiving sites.
  • Do not use trademarked material that you are not legally allowed to promote.
  • Do not promote sensitive content such as adult and dating websites, gambling related material or websites, hate related or violent content or religiously inflammatory content.
  • Do not promote prohibited products and services such as multi-level marketing schemes, affiliate advertising, alcoholic products, animal products, counterfeit goods, copyrighted content, private data, drug related content and paraphernalia, fake documentation, cracked or pirated software, tobacco related content or products and weapons or firearms.

What’s a LinkedIn Company Page?

Welcome to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the planet right now, and with a user count already at 400 million it doesn’t look like it could lose that status any time soon and, in fact, its creators have stated that their goal is to reach 3 billion registered users. With that said, we can all agree that LinkedIn is the best place for professionals and business to have a presence on the internet.

LinkedIn is by all accounts mostly known as a different type of social media platform where people can create profiles similar to those on Facebook, where they can post their professional bios and be found by companies, but how do companies and businesses find their way on LinkedIn?

So, what’s a LinkedIn company page?

A LinkedIn company page is a profile that works as a social promotion tool for a business, no matter how big or small it is. Their main function is to provide business to consumer relationships in a business environment.

LinkedIn Company Pages drive 64% of visits from social media channels to corporate websites, giving them an edge over corporate social media profiles than other platforms. Having a LinkedIn company page gives businesses a greater chance to promote their products and services to a targeted audience.

What are some of the benefits of having a LinkedIn Company Page? 

  • Having a Company Page on LinkedIn will increase awareness of your brand or business because LinkedIn users favorite brands with which they engage in the platform over other brands, making them very likely to recommend your products, your services and to share your updates.
  • It will help you to acquire new customers and to connect with a large audience of like-minded consumers. Many of your new customers will be acquired through direct and indirect connections on LinkedIn.
  • It will allow you to create and promote events and have a potentially very large outreach.
  • It will enable you to run advertising campaigns and target a highly specific audience, with great tools for self-promotion and sponsored content that rival more popular online advertising alternatives both in functionality and reach.
  • It will give you the means to find exceptional people in your industry and in your field of work with LinkedIn’s recruiting tools, which will come as highly useful when you need to hire talent for your company.
  • It will allow you to engage and connect with influencers and decision makers in your industry.

How can Company Pages on LinkedIn help people to engage with my company?

Company Pages have not only been created for business owners and administrators, they have also been created with all types of LinkedIn members in mind.

Some of the things that will help people to find your business and connect with it are:

  • Connections: Company Pages can find connections even in the most unlikely of places. Friends and colleagues of yours that have a connection with your page can be a road map to your page for other people when they share your content, products and services.
  • Updates: Announcements, product releases, useful freebies… every little thing that could be shared by your colleagues and followers represent a powerful tool to get people to engage with your business.
  • Conversions: LinkedIn Company Pages have been created with conversions in mind, and whether conversions for you mean gaining a follower or having someone purchase something from you, Company pages will allow you to reach your goal by giving you tool like sponsored content, InMail advertising and social sharing buttons.

LinkedIn’s Ad Specs

For LinkedIn Advertising guidelines, I would recommend you go to and here you will be able to see all the advertising guidelines for each one of the Ad Types LinkedIn is  offering.


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