How To Write An Article About Almost Anything

Are you a new writer struggling to get ideas for the articles you need to write?

If so, you are not alone.

Your best topic is always a subject you have passion for, knowledge about and experience with.

Your personal life experiences have taught you a unique set of lessons.

Determine what you know that others might find valuable.

Of course, you can make a sales website that focuses on almost any subject you want.

You will have a better chance of success, especially if this is your first site, if you choose a subject you have some experience with.

Your product is the information you have that other people will find valuable.

Practice makes perfect

It Comes With Experience:

Personal experience is the best source of real knowledge.

If you consistently draw on your experiences to produce your content you will create information that other people will find useful and will be willing to pay for.

Plus it makes the process much more fun to write about things you understand and love.

The best place to start is by brainstorming a list of topics.

  • Get a pad and pen.
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Write it down.
  • What do you love to talk about?
  • What do you read about?
  • What specialized knowledge do you have from your job?
  • Any hobbies?
  • Start writing.

Get everything down.

Don’t censure anything, just write it down.

It takes time and practice for any writer, no matter how good or how well-trained, to learn to come up with good article ideas quickly.

So do not be discouraged.

Instead, learn from the advice of other writers.

I can give advice about article writing because it is what I do.

Love it

My First Bit of Advice Is Simple:

Write about what you love.

Any time I come to a stand still about things to write about I go back to the things I am passionate about.

I may not be able to write a very convincing article about professional golf.

I have little knowledge on the subject.

I may be able to write an amazing article about making money online.

This is a topic I’m passionate about.

Article writing must come from things that matter to you.

Reflect upon the things you value and let those give you ideas for writing.

Another simple piece of advice I’ll give about writing articles is to read.

That’s Right Read:

Every single good writer I know is a consistent reader.


Because we can learn from reading the work of other writers.

It is one of the most valuable things any writer can do.

Reading keeps us involved in language and even fuels new ideas for article writing.

So when you’re stuck just pick up a magazine and read an article or two.

Don’t be afraid of copying.

The more you read the less chance you have of copying something you’ve read.

Find your passion

Pick a Topic You Have Passion About:

List the 10 biggest problems you can think of in your home, workplace or community.

What do you enjoy doing with your spare time?

Ask your friends and family what they think you’re good at and knowledgeable about.

You might be surprised at the things they see that you’ve missed.

Spend a solid thirty minutes on this brainstorming session.

At first the ideas will come quickly.

But then, after you’ve already written down the obvious ones, you’ll start to have to really think about it.

This is when the real power of this exercise happens.

Dig Deep:

You see, the subconscious mind is a powerful thing.

The trick is it takes a constant and persistent demand from your conscious mind to get its attention.

But once you do, your subconscious will take up the effort for you and begin to supply answers to your question as it comes up with them.

By spending a full thirty minutes intensely focused on brainstorming topics for your sales website topic you communicate this demand to your subconscious mind.

For the next week your subconscious mind will provide very creative topics for you in a sporadic and seemingly random way.

You’ll be driving to work, taking a shower or eating dinner and suddenly you’ll get a great idea for a sales website topic.

This technique can be used for almost any question or dilemma.

Just remember the power is in the results your subconscious mind produces in the days after doing the exercise.

And that won’t happen if you don’t focus intensely on brainstorming topics for a full 30 minutes.

It takes this long to be sure your subconscious mind gets your message.

If you want to supercharge this process do it several times in a row.

Your subconscious mind also responds to repetitive messages.

Do the exercise three times in one day.

Space out your sessions by a few hours each.

Starting with your first session carry a pad and pen or a micro recorder with you for the next week to be sure that you capture every single idea that comes to you.

This whole thing has more power if you commit to yourself that you won’t make any judgment on topic ideas for the first week.

Just collect the ideas as they come to you.

Make As Big a List As You Can:

The more choices you have the better your odds of finding one that will be both profitable and enjoyable.

Once you have your list you have the basis for your business.

You should select the 10 topics that you are most excited about.

Write an article live

Think Long Term.

Will you be excited about writing about your topic next year?

With your list of ten topics in hand you’re ready to start testing keywords and markets.

Eliminate those topics that do not have enough demand then rank those that remain.

Pick your favorite and start with that topic for your first site.

Keep the others for later website topics.

Find Your Connection:

It is important to think about your audience before you begin writing an article of any kind.

It is always wise as a writer to try to write articles that will somehow connect with your audience and affect their lives.

Just as you want to write about things that matter to you, so you should write about things that matter to them.

No one will read articles that they couldn’t care less about.

So look for ways to learn what people care about most.

Do surveys or talk to your friends that read articles.

Readers are the best source for writers.

Article writing can be fun and exciting.

Just take your time, relax, and enjoy it.

You will never last long at something you hate.

In Closing:

Practice makes perfect.

How many time have you heard that.

It is hard at the same time it can be easy.

When i first began blogging it was easy.

Then became harder to know what to write about.

After following these steps it became easier again.

Practice, practice, practice, OK that is what you need to do.

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  1. Great article, I have just started to write blogs so this is a very timely post for me to find.

    It has given me a few new ideas that I can use for content, thanks for that, well done. I have found it is becoming easier the more I publish, I guess at some point I will get a block but feel confident now that I have a few new strategies for that.

    All the best 

    • Hello Dave, 

      Appreciate your time and thoughts.

      Writing will become easier as you progress through the different courses that can be learnt on the Internet. 

      Never stop learning is the key to success. 

      Regards Shane.


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