How to Sell eBooks For Free

The ebook market is one of the most profitable markets to enter.

NO inventory, NO shipping, instant deliveries and so many other advantages makes this industry one of the fastest growing markets available.

If you’re a newbie looking for a product to sell for free, I bet you’ve considered buying an E-Book with reproduction rights, or maybe even a set of E-Books with reproduction rights.

For those of you not familiar with what an E-Book is, an E-Book is simply an electronic book that is transferred to you within an electronic file and you read it directly from your computer.

The concept is great, and there are many great E-Books out there, however there are also many useless E-Books out there as well.

The standard way to make money from Ebooks is to sell them to our website visitors and our mailing list.

How Do We Sell Them?

But what if we dont have many website visitors, and dont have a huge mailing list?

How do we sell them?

Is selling the Ebook the only way to make money out of them?

First, lets look at some other ways to make money from Ebooks.

One way is to give them away!

How does that make money for me?

You may ask!

Let’s say we have an Ebook that we acquired from someone else and we have full re-sale rights.

Inside this Ebook there are usually one or two, maybe more active links to the affiliate program that we got the Ebook from.

These links will be traceable links to either the affiliate that sold or gave us the Ebook or the owner of the Affiliate program.

Now if we click on one of those links and go to the affiliate program, find something we need and buy it!

Who gets the commission for the sale?

The person that gave/sold us the Ebook!

Yes and No:

Now we can just sell the Ebook and make a few dollars, but if we want more money we have to sell more Ebooks, right?

The answer is yes and no.

Let’s look at us selling more Ebooks first, we sell more and make a little bit more money.

Those Ebooks are going to go out to more people, which might click on the link in it, when they do, who gets the commission on any sales?

The answer is the affiliate who gave/sold us the Ebook.

It’s plain to see who is leveraging and earning more money for less effort isn’t it?

Best Sites For Free Ebooks

Give Away:

So what we do is become an affiliate! Then go about the business of giving our Ebook away to as many people as possible.

Who will then try to sell it to others, who will in turn do the same, etc so this way we are the ones using leverage, and making more money!

But wait a minute!

Why would anyone want to do that for us, wouldn’t they think like us and become an affiliate?

The answer is yes!

That’s the idea!

Now, they join as an affiliate through us, and put their affiliate URL in the Ebook and then they promoted as vigorously as we did!

This is the ultimate goal for us!

Because, they joined the affiliate program through us, they are now a second tier in our affiliate account.

So now, not only do we get a large percentage in commission from anyone that buys something through our affiliate link in the Ebooks we promote, but we also get a small percentage for any sales generated by our second tier!

This can go on and on depending on the particular affiliate program, but its plain to see the viral effect this would have on our affiliate link.

Many people will be willing to add our Ebook to their emailing list as a way of adding value to their customers, if its free then why not! This will send our links all over the world.

Ways To Sell:

This is one way that Ebooks can be used to make money, there are many, many other ways, so we should always think about other ways and means to leverage our efforts this is the secret to successful marketing.

So what is the problem?

The problem is that many of the businesses in the ebook market have e-commerce websites which sell a wide range of these ebooks.

Many of these ebooks are old and out-of-date and to compensate for this problem, the ebooks are sold at low prices.

To successfully compete, new businesses must sell these same ebooks at even lower prices and will therefore make little money.

The best marketing tip is to start an e-commerce niche ebook business.

This will help to differentiate your business from the other ones in the market.

Man with laptop

What Is A Niche?

A niche is a small, specialized area within a market.

The main thing to remember when starting your niche ebook business is to target a narrow customer base because this is your key to success.

The idea here is to find a niche and then you either buy or create ebooks related to that niche area.

Narrowing the ebook market in this way will make you seem more of an expert in your field.

Once you have a list of possible niche ideas, you should do a lot of research.

This is important even if you dont intend to write your own ebook because you will need to understand your market in order to successfully promote your business.

Research Forums And Websites:

Great places to gather information are online forums and websites related to your niche idea and ask questions about your niche idea.

Find articles and other ebooks related to your topic. Research, Research and Research all ideas.

The next step is too narrow the list down to the ones you have enough information on.

You must now determine whether there is actually a market for your chosen ideas i.e. whether there is enough customer demand.

If you are starting a profit-making business you need enough people to buy your product so that you can make a profit.

Supply And Demand:

You then need to determine the level of supply in the market.

You do this by going to a search engine such as and entering any of your keywords which had high demand.

The number of search results found should be taken as supply.

You should try to focus on niches which have relatively low supply.

One important point to remember here is that some competition is good.

Competition means that profit exists within that niche otherwise there would be no businesses operating there.

Furthermore, competition means that there will be partners around for you to use in affiliate and joint venture programs.

Also, you will be able to advertise on their sites and forums to seek traffic to your site.

So supply should be low but it should not be non-existent.

It should be low relative to consumer demand.

Develop Your Niche:

Once you start selling and gaining some revenue, you can then start writing and publishing your own ebooks.

You can develop your niche business even further by joining affiliate programs and joint venture schemes to sell other peoples products.

You can establish your business so that when anybody wants some information from your niche market they would think about you first.



Remember, E-Books can be some of the best learning tools if the information is up-to-date, accurate and useful.

There are many of these types of E-Books out there; you just need to do a little research to find them.

Once you find an E-Book that has proved to be useful to you, inquire with the other on an arrangement to allow you to sell the E-Book to others.

The author may very well have an affiliate program where you can advertise their E-Book and make a percentage of the profit on each sale.

The real goal in Internet marketing is to make your customers happy.

Why? First, it’s the ethical thing to do, and second, because happy customers are repeat customers.

To be successful in Internet marketing, you really need to have repeat customers that value your service and trust the quality of the products you offer.

So don’t promote anything that you don’t have confidence in – make your customers happy and they will continue to buy from you, which will make you happy!

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