How To Create Rich Content For a Blog

The most important thing about a blog is that it is “content-rich”. Most blogs consist of a number of posts entered on a regular basis. These posts can be short references to some other resource on the internet connected by a link, or long posts which are essentially articles or essays on a specific topic with embedded references to other related sources on the web.

This makes them ideal for writers, reporters, journalists, as well as marketers wanting to systematically report on current activities, news of the day, or the features of products.

They are used by journalists as an alternative medium to communicate their experiences and ideas without them being filtered by large publishers. And blogs are used by corporate communication people to keep in touch with employees and customers by carrying corporate news and comments on the developments within a company or industry.

They are also increasingly used by marketers who want to promote certain products and enhance the search engine exposure of specific websites. If you have a website, or are promoting a website on behalf of a client, then planting references to it in blog posts is a very good way of bringing it to the attention of the search engines.

Blogs and Search Engines

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Blogs are useful marketing tools because the major search engines pay close attention to them. The structure of blogs makes them easily followed by the bots, so the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, tend to view them as sources of “news.” The more active a blog is, the more frequently it will be tracked by the spiderbots. If a blog contains new posts every day, it will get spidered every day and sometimes more than once a day.

That means that the information in an active blog will show up in search engine indexes much more quickly than changes made to ordinary static websites. Many people think that simply making a change to their website for instance, posting a news item on their home page will result in that chance of being picked up by the search engines. But this is not the case. The search engines can only reflect that change after the site is spider ed. And unless a site has a history of being constantly updated, the search engines will only spider it occasionally.

Therefore, when it comes to influencing the search engines, blogs can serve two useful functions. First, as we have seen, an active blog gets spider ed regularly. So as long as it remains active a blogger can expect a regular visit to his blog from the search engines to see what is being reported. New posts will get indexed almost immediately, and will start to show up in search engine results.

Two Important Conclusions about Blogs

First, if you want to have something reflected quickly in search engine searches, writing about it in a blog is the best way to accomplish this objective.

Second, since the search engines follow links, placing links in your blog posts to other sites to which you want to draw attention to is a good way to get them tracked by the bots as well. For instance, say you introduce a new product on your website.

The best way to have the search engines visit your site quickly and re index the changed pages is to make an announcement in an active blog. The spiderbots will visit the blog, follow the links pointing to your website, and index the changes to the website.

This is why links placed in blog posts are generally the most effective way of drawing attention to other targeted websites.

Taking Advantage of Blogs

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There are two fairly straightforward ways to take advantage of these important features of blogs.

The first way is to start your own blog. It is surprisingly easy to become a blogger. Many sites offer free blogs that are part of a larger “community” of blogs. For instance, go to owned by Google, sign up for free, and you can have your blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

The problem with this approach is that you may not be a writer, you may not be interested in making regular posts, or you may simply not have anything to say on a regular basis. In that case you might try to find someone who will let you make posts now and then in their blog or at least create links pointing at your website.

Another interesting alternative is to pay someone to review your site, or feature your products every couple of weeks in their blog. That way you get all the marketing and search engine advantages of blogging without actually having to do any of the work.
It makes this new form of communication kind of mysterious in a way, though, blogs have been around for quite some time and only recently have been recognized as a very valuable asset to Internet marketers.

A combination of online diary and/or guestbook. You sign up for a blogger account and then you enter the information You want on your Website. Then you can set it so that only you can place entries on it or so that anyone can. Then you can either keep a private journal or you can have a place where your readers can get together and place entries to each other or to you.

To simplify it even more let’s just say blogs are a place to go and post your personal thoughts that you can share with your subscribers and/or readership and receive feedback.

Now, for the purpose of this article, now that you know the true definition of a “Blog”, I’m going to share with you some reasons why they’re becoming a widely recognized “POWER TOOL” for Internet marketers around the world.

Great way to stay in touch with your subscribers 

Blogs are a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers and/or readership and builds regular readership Traffic to your little community where you can interact with them.

It also helps build rapport, which in turn, will help develop that trust in You, Your Products and/or Services that You recommend.

It’s a great way to get “Feedback”

Blogs are a great way to get Feedback from your subscribers/customers simply because they have the ability to leave comments on each “Post” you make which will then help you find what it is they’re looking for making you look like a “Hero” in their eye’s and putting Money in your pocket.

Your able to list your “Main” website details

When you sign up for your Blogger account you’re given an area to set-up your “Personal Profile” where your able to list your Main website and URL, plus, any other personal information you wish to share that will be displayed on your Blog.

A great way to publish “Information”

This is probably ONE of the Biggest benefits to Blogs because you have the ability to post informative information in the form of “Articles and/or Reviews” for your subscribers and/or readership which will make you look like an Expert on the subject and giving you INSTANT credibility in the eye’s of your reader.

You get your own URL

That’s right, you get your own URL you can use in all your promotions and/or on your personal website if you have one.

This feature is great, especially for people just starting out and don’t have their own website up and running yet.

Search Engines love them

Search Engines love Blogs because they are so “Content Rich” and are always being updated on a Daily to Weekly basis.

When you compare a regular static website, which might be updated on a monthly basis, to a Blog, which is updated on a Daily to Weekly basis with NEW content, you’ll gain favor with the search engines with your Blog.

The S.E. “Spiders” will then gladly stop by to munch down on whatever NEW content you posted and Index your website more often since that is what Search Engines love and are constantly looking for.

The ability to use RSS with Blogs

A powerful feature about Blogs is the use of RSS(Real Simple Syndication) that allows you to Instantly send your Blog highlights to your readership upon publication which will keep your reader up to speed on your business and your Products and/or Services.

Not only that, RSS also gives your Blog more exposure to a wider audience of subscribers building a bigger readership in less time.


By simply adding a human element to your business through the use of a “Blog”, IS a great way to build rapport and gain the trust of your subscribers and/or readership, which in turn, will turn them into buying “Customers”.

I Would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general. I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any affiliate marketing questions or comments.

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