How to Create a Google Ad Campaign

I have recently dipped my toe in the water with Ad campaigns on my website. This post will help me in creating a Google Ad campaign the right way.

Google has established its dominance among the ranks of search engines, being the most preferred and most popular search engine on the internet.

As Google has won the race over the other search engines. It’s program has pushed its position as an advertising medium to generate revenue.

The initial advertising model that Google has developed was primarily for the use of big companies. However, it has also developed the Google Ads program which offers results to all companies, big and small.

seo vs ppc

Googles Ads is a keyword targeted advertising program:

The original Google Adwords program was discontinued because its basic idea was to pay per impression.

Which did not guarantee traffic to the advertiser and was not so popular.

With the overhauling that the Google Adwords received in 2002 changed all of that.

Googles Ads is advertising model that works on the principle of pay per click advertising. It is keyword targeted which means that when a user searches for certain keywords that are related or present on your site.

Google Adwords automatically display your site along with the results of the search in a column right next to the search results. With Google Ads, you choose which keywords you choose to advertise and hence when your ad is displayed on the search page.

It will display what you feel is your most relevant content. This way you are guaranteed a click if your domain name or the content appears relevant to the user. It is PPC advertising which means that you only pay if the user clicks on your domain name and hence visits your site.

Ads also makes sure that your ad stays at its position on the search engine page because the program reduces the price you pay per click to one above your competitor.

Which also means that you are not required to constantly check on the position of your advert, Google Ads does that for you. Another plus for Google Adwords over others is that Google Adwords maintains the position of your ad through not only Pay Per Click.

Click Through Rate, this is essentially important because this way even the small fish have the chance to stay alive.

The company with the bigger bank balance does not win hands down. Each company must strive to stay at the top. If your content is good, and your CTR is good then you can keep your place on the search results page easily.

You have heard or maybe experienced the Adwords horror stories. Mistakes can be quite costly with Google Adwords let’s take a look at the most common adwords mistakes newbies make and how they can be avoided.

  • Poor landing page
  • Turning on the Content Network
  • Daily budget too high
  • Grouping Keywords
  • Bidding too low

Poor Landing Page:

A decent landing page is a key factor in sales conversions. There are many styles of pages, and going into great detail what makes a good landing page would be a full article itself.

Basically, organized layout, proper use of graphics, getting your message across clearly & no frames are the main components to a quality landing page.

When using Ads Google really takes the content of your site as a main factor.
Whatever keywords you are advertising, you should try to have on your page.

Not only will the searcher identify this as relevant information. Google will reward you with a better quality score which can mean higher rankings.

Cheaper minimum bids and they can shave the cost of the clicks down from what you have bid. Google rewards relevancy and Adwords is no exception.

Turning On The Content Network:

The content network is plagued with click fraud and poor quality traffic. When I started with Ads I didn’t realize this and left the content network on and lost money.

That being said, once you have a handle on Ads you can use the content network just make sure to bid very low. I would suggest not to bid over 0.30 cents a click.

Some people claim that they profit higher and get better sales conversions from the content network than they do with the search network.

Daily Budget Too High:

Putting the daily budget up higher than the recommended amount used to be recommended by top marketers to increase traffic.

Recently Google has increased the impressions on campaigns that use this technique.

The problem is that the increase is on keywords broad match phrases that aren’t targeted very well which leads to a huge spike in conversions and a poor CTR.

This will hurt your Quality score and can really hinder your campaign’s performance.

Another reason you want to be careful when raising your daily budget high is sometimes marketers forget that they have done so.

They might not check their account for a couple of days and when they do they end up blowing through a lot of money.

Google logoGrouping Keywords

When creating your ad groups you want to use similar keywords in each ad group with at least one keyword the same.

Ad Group:

Wealthy Affiliate Review:

wealthy affiliate review

wealthy affiliate reviews

review of wealthy affiliate

reviews of wealthy affiliate

wealthy affiliate scam review

wealthy affiliate review scam

wealthyaffiliate review

wealthyaffiliate reviews

Ad Group:

Wealthy Affiliate Scam:

is wealthy affiliate a scam

wealthy affiliate scam

wealthy affiliate scams

wealthyaffiliate scams

wealthy affiliate scam report

Ad Group:

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints:

wealthy affiliate complaints

wealthy affiliate complaint

wealthyaffiliate complaint

wealthyaffiliate complaints

Ad Group:

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Premium

wealthy affiliate membership

wealthy affiliate starter membership

wealthy affiliate premium membership

how much does wealthy affiliate cost

price of wealthy affiliate premium

Ad Group:

Wealthy Affiliate General:

wealthy affiliate

wealthy affiliate website

does wealthy affiliate work

The root keyword in the above example is wealthyaffiliate and this phrase should be in every keyword you would use in this group.

The Root Keyword Should Also Be Used In Your Ad:

Grouping your ads properly will help you tailor your ad and landing page to your targeted keywords and will help Google serve your ads on the keywords you want.

Bidding Too Low:

Bidding too low can leave you buried at the bottom of the pack getting little exposure.

When you do have a visitor interested in your products, they will typically keep searching after they have left your website and compare you to your competitors.

If they have forgotten the name of your website they usually do. They will most likely do another search to find you again, if you are not on the first page they may not go to the other pages for you.

They may not be willing to look again as they get tired of comparing prices and searching. Putting yourself at the bottom of the page may save you money in bids, but will cost you in sales.


This covers some of the mistakes that can be made. I hope this article saves you from losing money.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

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