How to Achieve Your Goals and Have Success Online

A goal is something you want to have or something you want to change in your life. It is basically a project you can manage in a smart way so that in the end you’ll find yourself where you wanted to be when you stated your goal, and began to take steps towards making it happen. First it starts out in your mind and adopting better thinking strategies followed by action will ensure your success, which is what you want do you not?

Many if not most of the people make New Years resolutions and set up goals to quit shortly after that because they feel unhappy and frustrated. The reason is, they constantly compare their actual unsatisfying situation with the ideal goal they want to reach and the only thing they can see is the wide gap between the two places.

You feel unhappy and you end up spending lots of energy to keep you constantly motivated when you don’t feel like doing anything because it is impossible to be motivated all the time. And before long you quit!

In other words, if you delay any kind of gratification or feelings of satisfaction until the ideal goal is completely achieved, you are actually making sure you will not accomplish your goal. Some goals cannot be achieved overnight so the more you delay the good feelings you think you’ll have when you achieve your final goal, the more difficult it will become to achieve. It is that simple!

There is another aspect of unsuccessful goal setting, watch out! If you decide you are a success only when you are a millionaire, perhaps when you buy that Ferrari and have it standing in your drive way, then you are trapped in a place where there is no escape, as you will be denying yourself any good feelings to keep going unless you do it the way I am about to share with you.

Now, what can you do differently in the present moment to ensure your goals will be successfully accomplished.

Productivity is key

Pick a goal

What is the first thing you will notice when heading towards your goal? What is the first success?

You want to make your first sale online then you are on your way, congratulate yourself and keep going. Do more of the things that bring success.

Build a bridge between where you were when you started and your final goal. You simply make smaller steps and these little goals will be easy to achieve. The result will surprise you because it will lead you straight to your goal. Keep going and keep rewarding yourself and feeling good about what you’ve already achieved while feeling certain that sooner or later you will be at your final destination!

keep a journal of your progress and successive successes on the way to your goal. People tend to forget what they have already achieved and where they were when they started their journey towards a goal, so by keeping it all written down you can go back any time and see how far you’ve come already and that will keep you on track and highly motivated. It makes the whole project fun and worth going for.

These two important strategies will show you that you are a success and that you don’t have to wait for any final result to feel good about it or about yourself. In fact whatever feelings you think or believe you will have when your goal has manifested in the real world, start on your way by having them right now and build your bridge to success from then on.

What you’ve learned so far to achieve a goal with success is this: it is very helpful to have a concrete and easy way to track your progress. Find a way to make your goal as concrete as possible and break it down to smaller steps you can accomplish with success.

To make your goal achievement even easier and more of a success follow these steps:

  • Choose a goal
  • Check whether the goal is good for you and will enrich your life
  • Find the resources that will help you achieve your goals:
  • Information, people to help you, advice
  • Prioritize your goal so you keep hitting your target until you hit it finally
  • Tracks your goal, the progress and success journal will help you with that
  • The freedom to change or even discard your goal if you don’t want it anymore or if it no longer suits you

What makes people successful?

Road to success

  • Strategies for Success
  • What do successful people do that others don’t?
  • What motivates them to keep going?
  • Can anyone be successful?
  • What makes them different from others?


Successful people are confident, honest and driven.

These are attitudes, not skill.

Our attitude can improve our skills so we need to change our attitudes and become more focused and driven.

Our minds find it impossible to store all the information it receives in a day and so it deletes the unnecessary detail. So you need to change your attitude to your business or your life. You need to set goals, concentrate on knowing what you want to achieve and work towards achieving your goals.

But your goals need to be smart goals

  • Specific know exactly what you want
  • Measurable be able to follow the progress
  • Achievable be within your capabilities
  • Realistic be possible to do
  • Time you must make the time to do it

You need to know exactly what your goals are, be able to set a plan and follow it, be achievable for you and you must be prepared to put in the time to achieve your goals, or have the time to do it.

Seeing things as they are. Some days start off great and just get better while others start off bad and get worse.

Why is this?

It all depends on your attitude and what you’re focusing on. If you’re in a bad mood then everything will seem bad because you’re focusing on it.

It is just the same with your goals. If you focus on missing them, then you will.

You see, our brain never hears the word won’t or don’t. That’s why children always do what you tell them not to. They never hear the word don’t.

So if you focus on not missing your goal by thinking I won’t fail, then you will. Instead, tell yourself, I will succeed.

Forget failure

Never say I cannot do this. Just take notice of what’s not working and change strategies. This will move you closer to your goal.

What else stops you from achieving our goals?


Your beliefs can hinder you or help you, but they can only help you if you understand that they are only beliefs.

Events don’t shape your life. It is your interpretation of these events that shapes your life.

Your beliefs and certainties have the power to expand or destroy your true potential.

Beliefs are limiting, so its important to understand that they are only beliefs and not reality.

The past does not equal the future. Just because you haven’t achieved something in the past doesn’t mean you cannot achieve it in the future.

You need to question your beliefs and where they come from.

Remember, you can change but not if you believe you cannot.

Focus on what you’re limiting beliefs have stopped you from achieving. Change whatever is limiting you.

If you believe you’ll win, then you will.

Remember that you don’t have to be 100% successful in everything you do to be successful. Every step you take to achieve your goal is a success. And if something goes wrong, just chalk it up to experience we learn from our experiences.

Things you can do right now

Let's go

Always ask yourself:

  • What did I do well today?
  • What did I learn today?
  • What am I going to do differently tomorrow?
  • Never avoid failure.
  • Stride for success.
  • Keep trying different strategies.

We slump when depressed and sit tall when we feel successful. Adopting these postures can affect our attitude and state of mind.

How you feel on the inside can affect how you look on the outside and this can influence people around you. What you focus your mind on affects your body language. Therefore, you can change your state of mind by changing your posture. So when you feel depressed, adopt the upright posture of a successful person.

People and circumstances can also affect your state of mind, but this can be controlled. Instead of giving up letting external factors control your state of mind, adopt a positive attitude, stand tall and refuse to be influenced by negative things around you.

This is easier said than done because our responses are learned and our unconscious mind cannot always distinguish what is and isn’t real.

Therefore, never forget

If you think you cannot achieve something, then you won’t.

If you think you can achieve something, then nothing will stand in your way.


Success ahead

Is your goal setting making you unhappy?

Have you ever created a goal and got frustrated because of it?

Are you trapping yourself with your goal setting strategies?

Now is the time to learn to better strategies that will take you straight to success while having fun during the process of getting there because when you apply this advice you will get there!

What now? If you have goals that you’ve already started working on, make them easy to track and start your progress. Walk the bridge step by successful step, all the way to your final success! Last but not least you will need help and how did I get help for my Online business success?

The link I leave here is a no cost to you to learn the basics of Online marketing.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

Wishing you all the success in your future business.

Regards Shane.

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  1. I agree with you that our goals, if they are not correctly set, can make our life miserable instead of helping us reach them. I certainly have the goal of trying to make it online. But so far no results. I’ll check the link your suggesting to see how it goes for me. I hope it sets me on the right ttrack.

    • Hello Ann,  

      Appreciate your feedback. 

      You will make it online with perseverance. 

      Got to be in it to win it. 

      Regards Shane.


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