Fastest Ways To Make Money Online Now!

What are  fastest ways for affiliate marketers to make money online today. They must be willing to work hard to start with is a non negotiable. Have a  little bit of money to spend on web hosting and an autoresponder would be handy.

Below is exactly what you need to get started now with making money online the fastest way.

We are going to base this on having an existing blog, quality products, and a way to capture names and email addresses for future sales.

Web Hosting:

Quality web hosting that you can grow with, is the first thing you will need.

We are not talking about cheap hosting that will allow you to build a 10-page website. Your website is going to be a WordPress blog and you are going to build pages.

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Go with a quality autoresponder company like AWeber. Learn to write because blogging is all about your products.

This means you will need something to sell. You can go and join affiliate programs like Amazon and ClickBank.

Join a couple of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing forums. To get traffic to your blog you are going to want to use the below forms of free, or nearly free, advertising.

  • Social marketing.
  • Article marketing.
  • Forum marketing.
  • Your strategy is very simple.
  • Get your blog monetized with affiliate products.
  • Start writing about these products.
  • WordPress makes this very easy to do.

You will also post your articles you just wrote on several relevant social networking websites and in article directories.

Blog When Nobody’s Home:

If you use WordPress you can schedule blog posts in advance. Write a bunch of them and have one a day added automatically. If your blog is on Blogger, you might want to write several posts, save them as a draft, then post them later.

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Keep In Touch With Subscribers:

Most autoresponders systems allow you to schedule broadcasts. If yours doesn’t, get a new one!

To develop your mailing list you’ll need a quality autoresponder like Aweber this service gives you the ability to manage multiple mailing lists.

You can run a main list for your website and add a second list for customers only.

Place an opt in form for your newsletter on every page of your website and also create a page that gives more information on what a subscriber can expect when they sign up.

Build up your autoresponder with informative emails to keep selling your products. They opted in because their interested and even if they haven’t hired you yet you need to keep in touch with these people.

Connect them with valuable resources and show them you are up to date with online business. A simple definition of marketing is “the getting and keeping of customers.”

To increase your revenues, you must have customers, and you must turn those customers into repeat customers.

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Invest In Strategic Advertising:

My favorite form of advertising is free, but spending a few dollars towards some valuable advertising can bring you new business while you do other things.

It’s a smart investment. The easiest way to do this, both on- and off-line, is through a content newsletter.

Use your newsletter to establish your expert status with your readers. There is no doubt that content sells.

Useful content builds trust and credibility, and over time turns your customer from a stranger to a friend. There are three phases to this process:

  • Get a lead.
  • Convert that lead into a customer.
  • Convert that customer into a super-customer.

Your newsletter will help you accomplish all three tasks.

Capture That Customer:

If you sell or market a product or service, and you are driving traffic to your website, you typically have only one shot at capturing the interest of a prospect.

If I go to your site and click away, I may never come back. You need some sort of follow-up system.

A newsletter is the perfect vehicle for a follow-up. If you are sending targeted traffic to your site. Any other type of traffic is a waste.

The visitors will be interested in the content of what you are offering. To keep their interest, and to keep your name in front of them, offer a free newsletter.

Even a simple, once-a-month newsletter will do. If they sign up, you then have a chance to build a relationship. This is done through your content.

Many people don’t buy something the first time they see it, as they come to know you and your product through your newsletter, they become more willing to purchase.

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Over time, just by offering a newsletter, you can convert more leads into customers.

You can turn those customers into loyal customers through your newsletter.

If the product or service they bought from you is quality, you will have built more credibility with them.

You could even provide a sample newsletter there. Make signing up attractive.

Be sure to send out your main newsletter on a regular schedule so that the client or potential client knows when it will arrive and sees that you are timely and reliable.

If you do it weekly stay with the weekly schedule – if you do it bi- weekly or monthly stay with that schedule.

If you do choose a weekly mailing schedule, you might want to keep the newsletter short and to the point. Don’t hesitate or feel like you’re bothering anyone.


Perhaps now they will make more purchases, or join your membership site you have on offer, or even become an affiliate for your products. But the key is to offer useful, informative content.

If the main point of the newsletter is nothing more than an ad similar to your site, you will lose that customer. Build relationships through high-quality content, and you will convert leads into paying customers.

Prevent your customers and subscribers from forgetting you. One of the wonderful things about an Internet business is the ability to create passive income.

If you master getting traffic to your blog and then have good products to sell you can quickly start to make money online without spending hardly anything out of your own pocket.

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  1. I am aware that Aweber is an email marketing app that not only allows you to create a mailing list capturing data but it also automate the emails with autoresponders. What I do enjoy about Aweber is that you get to view and analyse statistics related to the email campaigns generated to your clients/followers.

    There is no doubt that keeping in touch with your clients, specially when they offered you their email, is a key to making them feel part of your community. 

    • Hello Maria, 

      Thank you for reading my article.

      AWeber is a valuable tool to use. 

      They are now offering a free service which is real handy for the new person to Online marketing. 

      Regards Shane.


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