Best Free Email Marketing Platforms For Your Business

New to affiliate marketing today Is your lucky day I will review the best free email marketing platforms head to head to see which one comes out on top. Who will it be? Read on to find the answers that you have all been waiting for. This review will be for the new Affiliate Marketer who does not have much money to spend at first, and once your business has scaled up you can upgrade to a paid plan if you want to do so.

Rating of digital marketing channels



The terminology refers to sending email messages on a commercial basis, with the intention of growing relationships with current or previous customer’s.

To stimulate a customer’s allegiance and gain extra business. Also, acquiring new customer’s or convincing current customer’s to purchase something from you, and sharing third-party ads.

HubSpot Logo.svg
Traded asNYSE: HUBS


Russell 2000 Component

FoundedJune 2006
FounderBrian Halligan


Dharmesh Shah

HeadquartersCambridge, Massachusetts
Key peopleJD Sherman COO


Kate Bueker CFO

Kipp Bodnar CMO

  • IncreaseUS$513 million (2018)
Operating income
  • IncreaseUS$-40.1 million (2017)
Net income
  • IncreaseUS$-39.70 million (2017)
Total assets
  • IncreaseUS$712 million (2017)
Total equity
  • IncreaseUS$210.3 million (2017)

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Its products and services aim to provide tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization.

HubSpot is a marketing platform that assists to maintain the organization, tracking. And growth of leads and campaigns. HubSpot has all the features you need. HubSpot delivers beyond email marketing.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies


Hub Spot Marketing won, Expert’s Choice Award for 2018.

HubSpot in my opinion takes top spot as it has all the features available on paid options. The platform comes with a contact management system that lets you segment your leads according to certain criteria.

HubSpot allows you to queue the delivery of emails to a possible customer for a individualized order.

Finally, It allows you to lessen the time it takes to send recurring emails by following their effectiveness to know which action is successful or not. If you wish to upgrade to a paid option at a later date, you can start using HubSpot intuitive email builder, create automated campaigns, and even perform A/B testing on your email campaigns.

Free plan

HubSpot free plan comes with contact form creation, lead capture pop up forms, contact database creation, and conversion and traffic analytics, CMS, email, and form tools will also integrate.

Free Starter Package

Free Starter Package 1

Email Signature Template Generator

Use this free tool to make your professional email signature template, then simply add it to Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, or any other email provider.

Start by filling out the form below to populate your signature, then click across to the ‘social’ and ‘style’ tabs to add your social media links and customize your design.

When complete, click the ‘create signature’ button for several export options – and you’re done!

Email Signature Generator


SendinBlue Logo
Type of businessPrivate
Available in6 languages
Founded2012; 7 years ago
HeadquartersParis, France
Founder(s)Armand Thiberge, Kapil Sharma
CEOArmand Thiberge
IndustryRelationship marketing
ServicesEmail marketing, Marketing automation

SendinBlue includes 3 platforms of software suite dedicated to relationship marketing.

  1. Marketing campaigns – Send newsletters/large scale campaigns, as well as SMS marketing campaigns, to contact segments.
  2. Transactional – Send transactional SMTP emails / SMS to contacts based on events such as confirmation emails, password reset.
  3. Automation – Build “automation workflows” to send contacts personalized emails based on certain scenarios for example abandoned shopping carts, sequence of emails for membership inscription.

The product comes with an email editor with adaptable templates, a database segmentation engine for segmenting contacts into lists for marketing operation.

Analytics dashboards to track progression of email marketing operations. The service is offered in six different languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German.

The relative simplicity of Sendin Blue’s user interface has created a user base that consists mainly of small and medium sized businesses that do not have in-house technical expertise.

Inclusion to its imposing features, Sendin Blue Email comes with API functions that allow you to careful combine it with your current systems or with new third-party applications.

Email marketing campaigns can be arranged dependent on the changing needs of your email marketing efforts.

Free plan

Free starter package

SendinBlue Email’s free plan can carry endless contacts and send up to 300 emails per day, that’s up to 9,000 emails per month.

This also includes its mobile-friendly email designer, email template library, and email and SMS personalization.


IndustryEmail marketing
Founded2001; 18 years ago
FoundersBen Chestnut


Mark Armstrong

Dan Kurzius

HeadquartersPonce City Market, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Key peopleBen Chestnut (CEO)
ProductsEmail marketing
  • Increase $525 million (2017)
  • Increase$400 million (2016)
Number of employees800+
ParentThe Rocket Science Group LLC.

Mailchimp is well-known in the email marketing platform for small businesses.

Its easy to use, no code interface is well-known and has a campaign builder that assists with emails that suit your needs for example a product launch or news reports.

To name a few features email templates, in-suite apps, integration to e-commerce systems, and campaign archiving.

In addition to its spectacular set of email marketing features, Mailchimp has analytical technology to enhance your business.

It will help you learn who’s opening your messages, where they are opening it from, and how they are interacting with your emails great features to consider.

This feature gives your business a greater understanding of your potential customer’s browsing behavior.

You can therefore target your customer’s and improve your email campaigns in the future.

I have to say this is the only one out of the three for FREE I had heard off before this review.

Free planMailChimp package deals

MailChimp free plan enables new businesses to send 12,000 emails per month for up to 2,000 subscribers.

With this free subscription comes automation, built in sign up forms, report and data insight and if that was not enough you can create campaign without coding .


Top of the list it’s FREE no cost to the new marketers.

No credit card Required. System can be used for as long as you want with no upfront cost.

No credit card.

A free email gives you all the necessary features to get your business up and running, you can upgrade later if you need too.

A free plan gives you the chance to try before you buy.

Make sure it will work for your business needs.


Free plan may not have enough features for your needs such A/B testing, autoresponders, spam filter diagnostics, and social media monitoring.

Limited to how many subscribers or emails you can send per month.

Customer support may be non-existent as they prioritize paid customer’s which is understandable.


Great way to get the ball rolling with no cost to you.

When you start making some hard-earned cash you can always upgrade.

Personally I am swaying  towards HubSpot at the conclusion of this article.

I have signed up to HubSpot and MailChimp to see which one I like the best.

I will review paid email platforms next blog and add an update on how the free service Is tracking.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any affiliate marketing questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.


Kind Regards,

Shane Lacey.

6 thoughts on “Best Free Email Marketing Platforms For Your Business”

  1. I would always start out with a new email marketing platform when you are first starting out as most programs only start charging more when you get over 1000 leads. Until you get to that amount of leads just enjoy learning email marketing with free programs. Do you use this program or do you pay for a better email platform?

    • Hello Jon, 

      Thank You for the comments. 

      Appreciate the advice.

      This is my first Look in to the whole email marketing platform. 

      Just finished an article on the paid plans which is interesting as well.

      Have not taken any of these plans on in a serious way.

      Not paying as yet, staying on the free option at the moment.

      I will need to do upgrade as my business progresses. 

      Regards Shane.

  2. Thank you so much for the list of free email marketing platform. I am very new to this affiliate marketing and really do not have the money to spend yet since my site is fairy new and doesn’t have that much traffic yet.

    I have heard a lot of expert talking about Mailchimp and they all say that it is perfect for a newbie. In your opinion, which is better between Mailchimp and Hubspot? I am gearing toward Mailchimp but after reading your Hubspot review now I want to try Hubspot as well. What do you think is better? 

    • Hello Nuttanee, 

      Thank You so much for replying.

      I am new to email marketing concept.

      This was one of the reasons for my article to try and understand what is on offer. 

      One of the things i discovered about MailChimp from my research is very interesting.

      MailChimp will not allow you to send emails on there platform if you are a affiliate marketer. 

      Go with HubSpot i say.

      Regards Shane.

  3. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about the best free email marketing services which is what I’ve been looking into doing for my blog ever since I learned about the importance of building an email list.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. I absolutely love the fact that these services give you a free membership to try it out. I’m familiar with Mail Chimp which is what I currently use, but I’m looking for a better one with more features, but then again free plans always have limitations so I might have to upgrade.

    Thank you for taking the time to do a great review. I never buy a product until I have read reviews.

    • Thank You for comments.

      I am glad it has helped you. 

      It is hard to say who to go for. 

      In my review i have just completed on paid plans.

      It was mentioned on another site MailChimp are not big fans of Affiliate Marketers. 

      Will need to look in to this further.

      I will need to update my posts once i have clarifacation.

      Kind Regards Shane.


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