Beginners Guide To Blogs and Web Site Creation

I will guide you with the skills required for beginning a blog and what one needs when beginning in the world of web-site creation, blogs, getting listed and noticed by the Search Engines.

Let us start with the few important factors that are required today on the web.

There are millions of articles on this subject, but the message is always the same.

On the web today, “Content Is King”.

But that is not all their is to that rule.

Let us change it a bit to fit the reality of the web, search engines, and the sophisticated algorithms being deployed by the search engines of Google and Bing.

There are essentially three factors in this equation:

1. You must have content – words, phrases, information – on your website.

2. You should have “original” content on your website.

This is content which either you have created or have gotten permission to reproduce on your website.

It should be “original”.

Copying content from a website, and putting it in your blog, where that content has been reproduced in thousands of other web-sites, is not going to help your Google ranking (and you may even be penalized for it.)

This does NOT mean that everything, every single phrase and post and article you put up on the web has to be original and not repeated elsewhere.

What it does mean though, is that the majority of your website or blog should be just that – YOURS.

3. Your content should constantly grow.

You should be adding to it on a daily or bi-daily basis.

Stagnant blogs and web sites are noticed for being stagnant – dead.

They drop so fast in Search Engine (search engine) rankings you have no clue! Web sites demand nurturing and work.

They do NOT run on auto mode.

Just look at how much time you spend with your blog!

Content vs SEO

Now As To Why and How:

Search Engines look for content.

They have developed very sophisticated algorithms to check content.

To see if this content is original, or they are coming across the millionth time they have seen the same thing.

This is all mathematical BTW.

This is NOT the only thing they look that.

However, Content is critical.

Let’s give two examples.

1. Ever notice how fast some popular Forums get indexed in the Search Engines.

This is due to the fact that they have an incredible amount of page hits, and that they exist for POSTS.

Posts on forums are ORIGINAL for the most part.

So engines look for the Content, forums have this, they list them, they see original content.

The forum moves up the list, and thus more people find the forum in the search, more people hit the forum pages, more “hits” and “eyeballs” are registered back on the Search Engine servers, and the forum keeps on moving up.

The more hits – by mathematics – the more posts.

The More Posts The More Original Content:

The more original content the better the listing.

The better the listing – the more people find the forum.

Getting the picture?

A never-ending circle of success.

For those of you in doubt whether Search Engines can “read” content just take a look at Adsense and Adwords.

When you go to a site with them, adverts are fed out based upon the, content of the page you are on.

Your IP address to determine which country and language you speak.

The algorithm finds keywords and feeds out the adverts.

So our first lesson on Search Engines and ranking and all that good stuff is about Content.

Remember the rule.

Blogging for a living

Content Is King:

Okay so now we know content is king.

Of course since we are creating our own blogs, remember blogs is short slang for Weblogs.

Which is what their “formal and official” name is, most of our information is going to be “unique” and “Original”.

Yet every now and then, since we are only human, and since we simply cannot “create” more and more information, we will copy information from other web sites.

That is cool.

There is no problem with that, UNLESS, you decide that “copying” and/or “linking” is simply better and forego writing anything.

Now let me make this clear.

If you are offering a service to people, where your main business is to offer out links to other places where people can get information,

In other words you are a repository where people come to get links, because you already did all the research – that is fine.

Because what you will loose in content, you will make up in “eyeballs” and “hits”.

Remember the end result of good search engine listings is just that.


Content is not the only parameter a Search Engine looks at.

Not by a long shot.

This is a critical point to keep in mind.

Everything we will talk about, every method, from content to email to lists to whatever, has but one goal in mind.

To consistently and constantly increase and build your website “hits”.

To make sure you have an ever-growing “fan” club “motivated” because of the service you are offering, to come back.

So please differentiate between the end goal and the methods.

Content is a method towards the goal of getting listed in a good position on a search engine.

The goal is to have people use and come to your website or blog, and create a “buzz” about it.

How to start blog tutorial

Let us go back to content for a moment.

Here we are talking about something that all writers know about and are familiar with.

Text, words, phrases.

Original, unique text.

So in order to continue on our own fairly logical path, we will now concentrate on the “text” and what has to be in it.

Which brings us to the subject of “keywords”.

Before explaining just what these are and either their importance or total invalidity and worthlessness these days, (and this is up for debate) let us define keywords more carefully.

If you have a website promoting a (MMO) make money online, you will want to sell your material writing content around what you are selling.

Obviously if you write something about the difference between different models of dishwashers, this is not going to relate to the “subject matter” and content of your site.

So you will write articles around your (MMO) site.

1. Website –

2. Blog – (this URL is fictional)

These names ARE important and so are the URL’s.

(URL stands for Universal Resource Locater).

So keep them in mind as we go along through these articles especially when I get to the article on the importance of finding the right name.

Okay they know about keywords. So they create articles in which every sentence has the word money in it.

Money is the name of the game.

They make sure their content is original, and once they have written two HTML pages about money making articles, strategically placed around the advertisements for MMO and now they think they are done!

Let Us Deal With the Keyword Issue:

Keywords are like indices or if you wish, categories.

A keyword is something that the search engine will look for and validate, to use as one of the parameters as to how to list your site.

The keywords we refer to are in two distinct and totally different places.

The first in the page header of the site.

In what is known as the section for “meta” tags.

We will deal with meta tags in a different article, however let us just say these are the keywords most search engine look for with their “bots” when visiting your site.

An example meta tag for keywords on our site may look like this:

Again in our article(s) on meta tags we will discuss these keywords, and meta tags, but for now take it as a given these are some of the keywords that will be in the meta tag.

When the Search Engine technology first became popular and meta tags were implemented, the keywords tag was critical.

Search Engines looked at the keywords in the meta tag and assumed that was what the site was about and listed the site under those keywords.

This was caught on to immediately, and humans being the crafty devils they are, began listing keywords that had nothing to do with their sites in order to drive traffic to the site.

Remember – the end result is the oh-so-important one: Hits & Eyeballs

Okay Now What Happens – Not In Theory But In Practice.

Two scenarios:

1. You have keywords in your meta tag and you should have them!

The little Search Engine “bot” that is a software program whose job it is to travel around the Internet.

Never sleeps and never eats and gets into and picks up information on all sites so the information can be categorized.

Comes to our site of Make Money Online and reads the keywords on the page.

Then this little bot makes a snapshot of the web page.

Then the algorithms take over and match the keywords in the meta tags to the text and stuff on your site.

Remember Search Engines don’t “see”, they are not visual.

Males are visually oriented not Search Engines!

So graphics are not taken into account unless you use the alt tag.

The algorithms get more and more sophisticated as time goes on and they look for content, keywords, phrases etc.

Remember original content!

2. You have no keywords in your meta tag so the engine just looks at your content.

So our happy couple figures okay lets put the word hair say, in every sentence at least three times.


Don’t do that.

Overuse of a keyword is a red-flag to a Search Engine and you will be penalized for it!

It should be used and used frequently, but NOT overused.

Now when you Google (MMO) using the word money, the Search Engine has the keyword.

Based upon a million parameters decides what position for that specific keyword, (MMO) will have, and feeds it out.


Would love to hear your thoughts about this post or this site in general.

I will answer all the comments on my website personally so drop me a line below if you have any  affiliate marketing questions or comments.

I’m happy to help any way that I can.copywright

Kind Regards Shane.

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  1. Hi Shane! Your three advises have made me think. I haven’t been doing this and that’s probably the reason I’m not seeing sales or high rankings in Google. Specially the point concerning being consistent creating new content for our site. Content is king, as Bill Gates said back in 1996.

    • Hello Henry, 

      Thank you for the feedback. 

      Never to late to change your approach to your content creation. 

      If their is anything i can help you with please ask. 

      Best of luck to you.

      Regards Shane.


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