Become Your Own Boss and Live Your Dream

Believe me if I told you, that you have an unlimited income potential? That you could be your own boss and live your dream. Would you believe that your business could make money for you around the clock, even as you sleep, with no effort at all? Well that is exactly what I’m going to do!

Don’t get me wrong, this will initially require quite a bit of effort. After you get the ball rolling, the maintenance is minimal. The only time it’ll require more effort, is when you want to increase your income, and even that will get progressively easier each time.

Niche Ideas


Most marketing experts will tell you that you need select a niche or a target audience. That you can’t just market to “whoever is paying attention” and be successful.

Why is that? Think about it this way: if you are having a conversation with a total stranger, how do you know what to talk about? Unless you are able to find some common ground, the conversation will probably be short-lived.

Because neither of you have an understanding of the other, you must find a way to make a connection to involve each other into the conversation.

The same holds true for marketing. You must make a connection with your audience if you want them to pay attention and stay around to find out what your product or service is all about.

In order to make a connection, you have to know something about them. You have to know what problems they have that you can help to solve. You have to understand them.

That is why it is so important to select a niche or clearly defined target audience. Once you’ve selected a distinct group of people you believe you can best help, you can research them so you begin to understand them.

Then and only then can you really communicate effectively with them. And that’s what marketing is; communication.

But once you’ve identified your target or niche, you must also be able to find and market to them.

The first step in doing that is to define them more specifically. How you may ask?

My suggestion is to ask yourself the following questions to help develop a very clear description of your target. Then it will become much clearer to you where you can find them.

You may need to make some educated guesses when answering these questions and that’s okay. It’s a start and you can always refine your answers as your business grows and you begin to understand your target more.

You can apply these same questions to your business or niche, regardless of what they are. They are universal questions that apply to any type of business or target audience.

What is their primary problem you can help solve?

Plan for action

Clearly identify their current problem the potential clients are dealing with as a result of their job issues?
Be as specific and focused as possible.

How old are they?

They are high functioning professionals. In that case, I’d say we’re primarily talking about people between the ages of 25 and 45 years old.

Where do they live?

What type of community or neighborhood; urban area; suburban area? Also, do you have any geographic limitations (real or self-imposed) regarding where you can market or deliver your services or products?

If they are high functioning professionals, they likely live in a nicer suburban neighborhood or perhaps an urban area. We will need to identify where they believe the majority live in their area and whether they only want to work with people in the immediate geographic area. What type of work do they do? Where do they likely work? Their type of business as well as geographic location.

They could be corporate professionals, doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs or solo-professionals. We will need to identify the fields they wish to focus on, taking into consideration the ones they feel includes the greatest number of their target client.

What is their socioeconomic status or annual household income?

High functioning professional are probably enjoying financial success, making them of a higher socioeconomic class. They probably earn a good income and enjoy the finer things in life. Money is probably not an issue.

How do they spend their leisure time?

Do they belong to a gym or health club? Do they go to the movies or out to dinner frequently? Or, do they have young children and spend their time at elementary school functions, family picnics, children’s birthday parties or weekend soccer tournaments?

We may need to make some assumptions here based on what they know about their target audience. Again, that’s okay to start with. We can always fine-tune this later as we begin to understand these customers better.

What are their media habits?

Do they read the newspaper or magazines? If so, which ones? Listen to the radio? If so, which formats do they likely listen to? Do they watch TV? If so, which programs do they likely watch? Do they spend time on the Internet? If so, what kinds of web sites do you think they are visiting?

Where do you think they are currently getting their information about health and wellness? These are all potential places to reach your niche with your marketing message.

However, all of these media can provide you with detailed demographic profiles of their audience. So if we’re looking for professionals in a certain geographic area, we’ll be able to find out if they are among the audiences for these different mediums.

Once you build this target client description, you’ll have a much better sense of where you can find them.


Boss coffee cup

The next step is putting together a marketing message that speaks directly to them and what they are dealing with.

The more you understand them, the more you’ll be able to craft a message that will hit home with them. That message will become your magnet, attracting the people who you can best help.

Need any help with becoming your own boss please contact me I will be happy to help.

Regards Shane.

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4 thoughts on “Become Your Own Boss and Live Your Dream”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful article – Become Your Own Boss And Live Your Dream. What I once thought was impossible is now possible through affiliate marketing. Getting the right platform would be the first step. Building a good relationship with the community within the platform will help you boost your confidence and your communication skills.

    • Hello Diana, 

      Thank you for your response to my post. 

      Anything Is possible If you want it bad enough. 

      Saying that It stills requires a lot of hard work. 

      Kind Regards Shane.

  2. I love this article. Breaking down who and where your target audience is almost as important as deciding what your niche is.

    I have used Wealthy Affiliate and love the program, my issue was not ever really having a niche narrowed down so I was not successful.

    Nowadays I have focused and know what and where I need to be. I think this post will help people key n on there audience and where to look for them.



    • Hello Kevin, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article. 

      Appreciate the positive feed back. 

      Wealthy Affiliate Is the best platform for affiliates like you and me.

      A narrowed down niche sure helps. 

      Regards Shane.


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