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To make money, you will need to get high traffic to your site. This isn’t easy to achieve but with an affiliate programme you can increase your traffic considerably. An affiliate programme works by providing a unique code for each affiliate that is linked to your sales site. When a visitor buys a copy of your ebook for example, you are given a commission.

What our affiliate page needs to do is, convince as many people as possible to sign up and become an affiliate. You have got to let your potential affiliate know, how the product sells, the commission they will receive and the training you will give them to help them sell your ebook. Therefore, your affiliates page is like your sales page, it really needs to sell.

Now the big problem with affiliates is that very few that sign-up actually making a sale for you. I’d say roughly 15% and that’s doing well.

So what we need to do is educate the non-experienced affiliates. The best way we can do this is an affiliate course. This will allow your affiliate to educate themselves. Having an affiliate course also allows you to stay in regular contact with your affiliate after they have signed up for your affiliate programme.


Now I am sure you are saying to yourself how do I set up an affiliate course to educate my potential customers? It’s simple you already know how to. It’s the exact same as setting up a newsletter. Remember I spoke about getting Aweber as an autoresponder. Well you can also use this to take care of your affiliate course.

In a few minutes I am going to tell you about a piece of software that will automatically set up an affiliate sign-up page for you. It’s the same as the opt-in form we produced for the newsletter earlier. All you need do then is get your sign-ups to be forwarded to your autoresponder. With Aweber you can programme it to send out an email every three, seven or fourteen days (this is at your own discretion). So you can write a 6 part affiliate course on your autoresponder and send one part out every week.


ClickBank Logo

OK, how to set up your own affiliate programme. I mentioned earlier that if you sign up for clickbank, they will also take care of your affiliate programme. What I love about clickbank managing your affiliate programme is that they provide the accounts, the sales reports and they pay your affiliates every two weeks.

Earlier we setup an affiliate sign up template page. It’s easy to get affiliates to sign up to your programme. All you do is get the potential affiliate to sign up for a clickbank account of their own. Now the link you use to get them to sign up to their own clickbank account is as follows.

All you need to do is replace the affiliate word, with your own clickbank nickname. What this does is it activates clickbank affiliate link. So if someone signs up using the previous link with your nickname, you will receive commission for clickbank if the person signs up for the full account. So if your refer someone and they activate their account fully (activation fee $50), you will receive $10. Also you will receive a commission from clickbank for every sale they make with their own product in the future. Roughly this will work out around .10c for every 10 sales they make.

Now the code an affiliate will provide to link to your site will look like the following.

1.(their nickname)

In order to let your affiliates generate the code they need to link to your site and earn credit for any sales they generate, Clickbank will create an automated affiliate link generator form just like they generated an automatic order form for your product. Below is the interface needed to create your affiliate link.

Affiliate Link

affiliate code

By then creating a link on your affiliate sign up page to this form, your affiliates will be able to receive their own unique affiliate linking code for your website

Once a potential affiliate enters his/her clickbank nickname and clicks submit, the system then generates their own linking code. This links from their site to yours, showing that the visitor was sent by them.

Now you can use this affiliate programme if your budget is tight but I personally use a different programme and here is why I don’t use the programme outlined above

Firstly anyone can become an affiliate of yours. That means that if one of your hard-working affiliates is promoting you and an interested individual see his unique affiliate link to your website, he can just substitute your first affiliates link with his own, then buy your product. Your affiliate loses money which was rightly theirs. Not a good start.

What about someone who you get to your site? Well they can just buy through their own affiliate link and cut you out of some profits that were rightly yours as you got them there in the first place.


Thirdly, you don.t actually know who any of your affiliates are because they don’t have to register with you to become an affiliate. It’s easy to work out the affiliate code they will need so they go off promoting you.


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