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I have just turned 55 years of age and have started to make money on the internet, and it occurred to me that there may be thousands of seniors out there who would like to know what affiliate marketing programs for seniors are available to them.

There are many ways to succeed on the internet but there are also many more ways to be scammed. That is not to say that the money will start to flow immediately.

There really are no get-rich-quick online marketing programs. The time required to start the making money can be 6 months depending on how fast you learn and apply the training.

Like myself and many others we are all learning. You too can make the internet your best friend. You can learn to master it.

Work at home businesses, there are some legitimate ways on how to do affiliate marketing.

That are suitable for seniors that cost very little to start with. Some programs set everything out in detail for you to learn what to do and what not to do.

There are many resources that are FREE to get started. They offer you a great starting point to make a small income until you can afford to invest back into your business and scale up from there.

If you can find one with 24/7 help and a truly supportive community. You can almost guarantee success.

However, you will learn that there are many requirements you will need to learn. Just take your time and learn one step at a time and it will soon become familiar to you.

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Some Interesting Facts About Seniors


• 96% use a mobile phone

• 43% watch on-demand / streamed content

• 58% have a social media profile


• 92% use a mobile phone

• 34% watch on-demand / streamed content

• 34% have a social media profile


• 81% use a mobile phone

• 22% watch on-demand / streamed content

• 20% have a social media profile

This tells us as affiliates marketers is that there is access to older audiences through:

• Mobile/SMS and Smartphone marketing.

• Other growing audience trends such as video/YouTube and Social Media Marketing.

The use of mobile phones, tablets, and other technology is still high and growing every year.

As affiliate marketers, this increases the emphasis of marketing directly to the consumer and prioritizing the end person.

This means that AMP content alternatives, mobile first content mindsets, traditional mobile optimization, and related actions are as effective for senior marketing as all other demographics.

2. Seniors Are More Loyal & Less Likely to Explore

“The propensity to explore online decreases with age; 30% of internet users aged 16-24 say they have used lots of websites or apps they’ve not used before and this drops to 10% of those aged 55+.”

For marketers this increases the need to be the first to educate, inform, and present brands/content/insights to the senior population first.

The added incentive on offer is that 90% of senior people will keep you as their digital ‘go to’ providing you help them with their informational needs first.

As you would expect, there are many ways to achieve this goal, and some of those I’ve seen most effective over the years include:

• Community resources and lifestyle hubs.

• Location-based and local biased content.

• Free tools, tips, and advice.

• Increased offline/online seamless user journeys.

• Digital simplification and joining the dots better between marketing channels.

• Added discount focus and telephone calls to action.

• Increased remarketing on educational and informational content.

3. Experiences Matter Most

Interestingly, some of the latest search trends such as content personalization, bespoke user journeys.

Tailoring of user experience, have some of the biggest potential impact and association to older audiences.

Once you are able to put the focus back onto the person being targeted, this makes total sense.

Older audiences tend to consider customer service, personal contact and traditional communication in higher esteem.

Once they receive that feeling of personal care and contact, they are motivated more to share it and seek to repeat it.

There are lots of approaches that can be incorporated into your marketing campaigns to progress this, such as:

Bridging the gap between offline and online user journeys.

Keeping marketing messaging consistent, easy to digest and simple for action taking

Including more offline media and traditional marketing the likes of catalogs, local papers, flyers, and discount codes.

Making the benefits clear, plus the action taking specifics.

4. Increase Investment in the Education Process

Onsite and externally through content placement and promotion, the older audience require added explanation, clarity, and general guidance throughout the information seeking and buying process.

There are many time and journey saving concepts consider online banking which can positively assist the 60+ demographic more than other age groups.

However, the added barriers that are in place aversion to change, misconceptions about the safety of the Internet/online banking, wanting to have the offline conversational experience frequently prevent them from taking action.

Integrating online and offline user journeys help overcome this issue, as does added exposure in traditional offline print, such as:

• Local papers.

• Household information drops/flyers.

• Offline CTAs driving online and telephone action.

5. Target Seniors Through YouTube

And video generally.

• Do not see their age as a barrier for becoming more reliant on the Internet (a vast majority see their Internet use increasing with age).

• Are surfing online more – 63% of the over 70s are spending 11-30 hours a week online (this higher than 60-69, 50-59 and 30-49 age groups).

• Watch more online TV and YouTube.

In a quote from the same article:

“Online video steaming is also popular among ‘silver surfers’.

Fifteen percent of those aged 50-59 watch a movie or a video on YouTube at least once a day, and 33 percent of those aged 60-69 watch videos on YouTube a few times a week.

The same proportion as for the 30-49 year old.”

So what does this mean to marketing teams?

Video can take on more of the heavy lifting when it comes to senior marketing activities.

The use of video content to explain concepts, demystify technology and drive intended user activity change.

Through the use of video, brands can build trust with older audiences, encourage herd mentality and bridge the gap between offline and online user journeys.

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Do Seniors Get Scammed More Than Others?

In my opinion the answer to that question is “yes”.

We’ve all received the telephone calls from companies offering cheap holidays or advising us we’ve won a lottery we’ve never won.

Since the advent of email there has been a steady increase in the number of phishing emails that attempt to hijack our personal information and banking details.

Why is it I think that seniors are more at risk?

They are likely to be far more trusting and will take strangers at face value rather than approaching an offer with cynicism.

Maybe retirement is a harsh financial reality and they see the opportunity to better their standard of living or to leave a nice nest egg for their children.

A little extra change


Aging populations and increasingly tech-savvy seniors present a huge and relatively untapped marketing opportunity.

The fundamental tactics required and discussed in this article include increasing the need to appear first to seniors as they rarely change their mind after having good brand exposure.

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  1. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s one can hold on to. I do agree with you, more seniors tend to get scammed more often than others, i think more people need to see this to get the tactics listed here

    • Hello Philebur, 

      You are correct in saying seniors do get scammed more than other groups. 

      Feel free to share this post with others. 

      Regards Shane.

  2. Hi, Shane.

    This is an interesting blog post. I learned a lot from it regarding seniors when I comes to using the internet. I thought seniors don’t actually find technology appealing to them. 

    The fact that 96% (55-64 years old), 92% (65-74 years old) and 81% (75 -up) use mobile phones, I was kind of enlightened. And for this reason, it’s important that affiliate marketers should utilize mobile or smartphones (or any gadget) effectively.

    I agree that more seniors are victimized by scams because they trust other people easily. 

    Thank you for this article.



    • Hello Ruth, 

      I was surprised with those stats as well. 

      As a affiliate marketer we need to tap in to that demographic.

      The stats that don’t surprise me are the scam stats. 


  3. We are a gift and promotion company specialising in teddy bears.

    We are looking to promote our teddy bears to sell them on sites by affilication.

    Is this something you arrange and advise

    • Hello Ellis,
      Correct me if I’m wrong with your first name.
      Affiliate marketing is something I do. I have looked at your website and it is well structured. As far as getting people to sell your teddy bears I would say you need to join up with Rakuten and CJ Affiliates they are large companies with many affiliates .They will connect you with people who write about Teddy bears and toys in general. If this is not your question please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have.
      Kind Regards Shane.


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